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alveus® Tea – Handmade with Love

“I breathed in the scent and everything became clear.”

Dear tea lovers,


The year was 2006: I had just finished my business administra-tion degree and was weighing up whether to accept a joboffer from an international finance company when I stood inthe lift of a Hamburg tea shop and the delicious scent of teaentered my nose. The special aroma made me ponder for amoment: I thought about the three last tiring years of my busi-ness degree, during which taking a few minutes with a hot cupof tea had often given me renewed energy.


I doubted whether a career in the world of soulless financi-al products and the hectic striving towards ever-more rapidsuccess was really the right path for me to take. I suddenlyrealised that I wanted something different, and that tea wouldgive me the unique opportunity to help people enjoy happymoments of sensuous, conscious enjoyment. The alveus ® ideahad been born.


A short while later, I brought together a young team thatshared my passion for tea and a genuine desire to see myidea become a reality. None of us had any experience in thetea industry, but we made up for our lack of sector-specificknowledge with our passionate commitment and talent forimprovisation. Right from the outset, it was clear to us thatwe would only be able to fulfil our dream by working by handwith the best ingredients in small, fresh batches.


This is why we set up our own tea workshop and started crea-ting our own tea blends by hand. We have always remainedloyal to our belief that only the finest quality, sustainability andlove are essential to guaranteeing the best tea experience.


Since alveus ® was founded, we have moved considerably clo-ser towards achieving our dream - and for this reason I wouldlike to thank all our customers, partners and business associ-ates for helping us along the way during the past few years.


Thanks to your great support and imaginative suggestions,we have succeeded in creating the widest and most creativerange of teas worldwide, and in giving our favourite drink ayoung, fresh image. We look forward to continuing our journeywith you, and inspiring tea lovers from all over the world withour creations.


With all best wishes,

Daniel Trenk

Our team spirit makes us strong

The milestones of an innovative company which does many things differently.

alveus® has been shaking up the tea market since 2006. Thanks to the creative minds in our workshop, we bring out over 100 new blends every year.

The company has experienced considerable growth during recent years and is constantly developing. You can find an overview of the most important milestones of our company history here.

The first steps
01/03/2006 | The first steps

At the beginning, alveus® is housed in a 200m² warehouse. Only 100m² of that is being rented, however. The rest of the space is cordoned off with parcel tape – a line which cannot be crossed. There are four staff on board, selling in the mornings and blending in the evenings. There is no inventory control system, and the staff communicate by shouting across the room – everyone tries their hand at everything.

The first catalogue
13/09/2006 | The first catalogue

The first alveus® catalogue is published after just half a year. 150 conventionally grown and 36 organic teas are displayed on 68 pages. The catalogue is available in German and English.

First website goes online
24/11/2006 | First website goes online

The first website goes online in November 2006. Right from the start, alveus® makes sure it has an innovative website.

The organic boom
01/05/2007 | The organic boom

In May 2007, alveus® experiences a real organic boom. The considerable broadening of the organic range pays off: sales of organic tea really explode.

Important customers in Paris and Barcelona
19/10/2007 | Important customers in Paris and Barcelona

Thanks to customer recommendations, orders from abroad pour in. At the same time, however, alveus® stays loyal to its principles: small, fresh batches of tea are blended lovingly by hand.

The second catalogue
06/10/2008 | The second catalogue

Two years after the first catalogue, a second is published. There is something very special about the catalogue – it is available in four languages: German, English, French and Spanish.

alveus® world: first shop-in-shop solution
01/09/2009 | alveus® world: first shop-in-shop solution

The first of many concepts is born – the olive leaf concept. From now on, customers can make even more of the alveus® brand.

We’re on TV
01/10/2009 | We’re on TV

Three years after its establishment, a camera team from the Hamburg 1 television channel pays the company a visit. Managing Director Daniel Trenk is interviewed about his passion for tea and his plans to bring his modern and innovative ideas to the industry.

1000 customers
01/01/2010 | 1000 customers

alveus® is proud to inspire over 1000 customers from all over the world with their innovative, high-quality creations and concepts.

Finally – the move
21/05/2010 | Finally – the move

Thanks to continued growth, alveus® is able to increase its storage capacity. It goes without saying that the opening is celebrated in style.

The new alveus® CI
01/02/2011 | The new alveus® CI

Following consultation with customers and staff, the alveus® corporate identity is changed. It is a change which will soon bear fruit.

1000 teas
05/09/2012 | 1000 teas

alveus® has created over 1000 different tea blends. Plenty of creativity is required for this – especially in terms of naming them all. In case of mental block, a bottle of wine tends to do the trick!

Icebear & Tiger
01/11/2013 | Icebear & Tiger

The alveus® school project “Icebear&Tiger” is launched! Many schools love the project and ask to join. Making sure that children know about healthy eating is very important to alveus®. It’s a lot of fun too!

The new canteen is opened
01/05/2014 | The new canteen is opened

The new canteen is home to a table football room and roof terrace, including a wicker beach chair. Many a summer evening is spent with a barbecue here after work. Staff also stay relaxed by taking part in weekly yoga sessions.

Shop Opening
01/03/2017 | Shop Opening

Opening of our first flagship store in Hamburg.

2017 | Today

alveus® now employs 85 staff, including 6 trainees. What’s more, alveus® has the largest range of teas in Europe and supplies more than 4,200 satisfied specialist tea shops in over 60 countries around the globe.