Quality without compromise.

We make no concessions regarding „quality", from incoming raw materials and aromatics to outgoing products. The wide range of natural aromatics used indicates that we are not content with the average. At our disposal, we have a large organic range of over 350 tea sorts, discerning know-how and an optimal buying position. The result being that even in conventional products we use more high-quality aromatics than usual.

We never lose sight of the appearance of our teas. Many blends are enhanced by the addition of attractive petals and pieces of fruit. In this manner teas are created which do not convince your customers but inspire them. This is how teas from alveus® come into being.

Quality made affordable.

Quality has its price. The comparably low prices at alveus® are possible as we are not represented at expensive fairs, have no external service and no great storage accessories. As far as we are concerned, tea is first and foremost.

You can save additionally if you order tea in large amounts. Please take note of our special offers for 25-kg batches.