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10.01.2018 | Hidden treasures of nature

The special tea enjoyment of our NEXT LEVEL RARITIES is created from compositions of rarities from all over the world and finest organic oils. The ingredients used for this are of the best organic quality. But where does our tea come from? Find the answer here!

15.11.2017 | The most chocolaty temptation since cocoa exists!

Give yourself and your loved ones a moment of sweet reflection and try out our delicious Choc Dog cake in the cup! If the desire for some chocolate grows too big again, we have the quick solution for every sweet-eater. With this mug cake you always have the right recipe at the hand to give yourself or your loved ones a little pleasure.

03.11.2017 | Green tea in the evening?

In the cool winter months, you and your customers need optimal refreshment at any time of the day. Alveus® offers you a wide range of premium quality organic tea blends that will create a moment to meet your needs. But first of all, there is a question: Which tea suits my moment?

19.09.2017 | The Power of Herbs

In the season of coughs and colds, herbs are the secret stars.

These little helpers are well-known for their soothing effects on minor complaints. A slight scratchiness in your throat? An upset stomach or just feeling generally unwell? A hot cup of tea can help.

04.09.2017 | Your perfect tea moment

The days are getting shorter, the evenings longer and the summer is slowly coming to a close. For many, this is the time of year when a daily cup of tea becomes part of everyday routine again.

We have developed an exceptional tea for you and your customers specially for this unique tea moment. It combines the best aromas from the cold months and lures you into an irresistible moment of pleasure. Prepare to be enchanted by our new Cozy Moments Bio!

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28.08.2017 | Winter chai pancakes with candy-apple compote

Whether as a gift, pick-me-up, source of warmth or tasty ingredient – our WinterTeas are always the stars of the show during the colder half of the year!
And our irresistible chai pancakes offer a way to enjoy those cold days through food as well as drink.

15.08.2017 | Autumn is pumpkin season!

Autumn will be full of spice! Spicy Pumpkin Chai

15.08.2017 | Pumpkin Spice Syrup

When the days start getting shorter and the temperatures start to drop, you know autumn is on the way. Here’s the perfect recipe to bring the harvest season into your kitchen!

14.07.2017 | Tips and tricks for the perfect GreenTox cleanse

There’s a wealth of knowledge about detoxing, but there’s no need for it to get complicated.

01.06.2017 | Summery tea-fruit-punch

Be the star of every barbecue party! With this punch, you’ll always have the perfect drink for every occasion.