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15.08.2017 | Autumn is pumpkin season!

Autumn will be full of spice! Spicy Pumpkin Chai

15.08.2017 | Pumpkin Spice Syrup

When the days start getting shorter and the temperatures start to drop, you know autumn is on the way. Here’s the perfect recipe to bring the harvest season into your kitchen!

14.07.2017 | Tips and tricks for the perfect GreenTox cleanse

There’s a wealth of knowledge about detoxing, but there’s no need for it to get complicated.

01.06.2017 | Summery tea-fruit-punch

Be the star of every barbecue party! With this punch, you’ll always have the perfect drink for every occasion.

16.05.2017 | Precious artwork for tea indulgence

Hisanori Masuda is well-known far beyond the borders of his home country, Japan.

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01.05.2017 | How tea came to Thailand

Thailand is especially famous for its Oolong tea – which for tea connoisseurs rivals among Chinese and Taiwanese Oolongs.

01.05.2017 | Coconut Thai ice tea


Wanderlust? Escape the everyday with this recipe and enjoy being swept away to faraway lands.

18.04.2017 | Refreshing summer recipes

Here you'll find recipes for fresh and fruity summer moments.

03.04.2017 | From the sandy beach to the tea factory

Sunshine, long white beaches, clear blue sea...and a diving suit. For nine years, that was the everyday life of our employee Romany.