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24.01.2018 | Delicious Hugo with tea syrup

Our rose tea creations are ideal for making delicious syrup.

Recipe Hugo

Ingredients for the syrup:

13 g alveus® Flowery Powder

1000 ml water

800 g sugar

Ingredients for the Hugo:

100 ml soda

150 ml Prosecco

4 cl (40 ml) Flowery Powder tea syrup (recommended)

a handful of ice cubes


Let the alveus® Flowery Powder Tea infuse for 3-5 minutes in a teapot at 100°C hot water. Then decent it into a pot and boil the sugar into the tea at medium heat. Make sure that the consistence of the syrup is similar to honey. Fill it into preserving jars immediately after cooking and let it cool for 1-2 days.

The Hugo is produced quickly and easily. Simply mix soda and prosecco into a glass and add ice cubes. Then stir the syrup into the hugo as desired.

You can also produce the syrup with other delicious alveus® tea blends. It is recommended to use fruit mixtures, because they are very powerful in taste.