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03.04.2017 | From the sandy beach to the tea factory

Sunshine, long white beaches, clear blue sea...and a diving suit. For nine years, that was the everyday life of our employee Romany.

Romany has been working for alveus for 3 years; it was his love of languages that brought him to us. Before that he was a diving instructor at the Red Sea in Egypt for nine years. A life with as much sun, beach and water as you want.

As a diving instructor, he spent plenty of time under water, swam with turtles and fish, and saw the loveliest corals. But even divers need a break every now and again, and an iced tea is not very far away there. Even today his heart leaps at the thought of a cup of tea. As well as our Evergreen Mandelwölkchen, his favourite tea is also Amors Pfeil.

But a third tea has smuggled its way into the heart of our diving genius. His own creation: Diving Leaves. A perfect blend of spirulina, guarana and aromatic herbs with a light citrus note. His thoughts still wander occasionally back to the glistening blue coasts of Egypt. Hamburg's weather can't unfortunately offer you everything; but with a cup of his new favourite tea, at least he can sink into his daydreams for a few minutes.