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10.01.2018 | Hidden treasures of nature

The special tea enjoyment of our NEXT LEVEL RARITIES is created from compositions of rarities from all over the world and finest organic oils. The ingredients used for this are of the best organic quality. But where does our tea come from? Find the answer here!

15.11.2017 | The most chocolaty temptation since cocoa exists!

Give yourself and your loved ones a moment of sweet reflection and try out our delicious Choc Dog cake in the cup! If the desire for some chocolate grows too big again, we have the quick solution for every sweet-eater. With this mug cake you always have the right recipe at the hand to give yourself or your loved ones a little pleasure.

15.10.2016 | The perfect Advent calendar

Create and fill your Advent calendar this year yourself!
Here’s how!

15.08.2016 | Ceramic artwork from Korea

alveus® has something very special for its customers.
The '4 Color Cup Set' is designed by the award-winning ceramic artist Son Minyoung from the South Korean town of Icheon, which is known all over the world for its outstanding ceramic artwork.

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15.12.2015 | Interview with Head of Production at alveus®, Eduard Melchior

Here you can read the full interview with alveus® Head of Production, Eduard Melchior.

22.09.2015 | ORGANIC Winter Dreams

The hottest inven­tion for the icy season

If there was no such thing as winter, we would have to invent it especially for the organic winter-tea blends from alveus®. Whether stormy or snowy outside, feel warm and cosy on the inside with the many fruity, spicy aromas of licorice and mint or lime and pink grapefruit. Welcome in the winter with our four different organic winter-tea flavours.