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12.02.2018 | VeggieTea® Captain Carrot

Recipe: Glazed Carrots with alveus® Captain Carrot

Get the ultimate taste experience from the vegetarian allrounders!

12.02.2018 | VeggieTea® Bouncing Broccoli

Recipe: Rice pan with alveus® Bouncing Broccoli

Get the ultimate taste experience from the vegetarian allrounders!

12.02.2018 | VeggieTea® Pirate Pumpkin

Recipe: alveus® Pirate Pumpkin with pepper

Get the ultimate taste experience from the vegetarian allrounders!

15.11.2017 | The most chocolaty temptation since cocoa exists!

Give yourself and your loved ones a moment of sweet reflection and try out our delicious Choc Dog cake in the cup! If the desire for some chocolate grows too big again, we have the quick solution for every sweet-eater. With this mug cake you always have the right recipe at the hand to give yourself or your loved ones a little pleasure.

03.11.2017 | Green tea in the evening?

In the cool winter months, you and your customers need optimal refreshment at any time of the day. Alveus® offers you a wide range of premium quality organic tea blends that will create a moment to meet your needs. But first of all, there is a question: Which tea suits my moment?

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28.08.2017 | Winter chai pancakes with candy-apple compote

Whether as a gift, pick-me-up, source of warmth or tasty ingredient – our WinterTeas are always the stars of the show during the colder half of the year!
And our irresistible chai pancakes offer a way to enjoy those cold days through food as well as drink.

15.08.2017 | Autumn is pumpkin season!

Autumn will be full of spice! Spicy Pumpkin Chai

15.02.2017 | Matcha, Japan’s most precious powder

Today matcha has found its way to the world’s metropolitan cities, where it is highly prized for its many valuable nutrients and unique health benefits. It’s not just in the mornings that it can invigorate you with its high caffeine content, working like a ‘healthy espresso’ and pick-me-up. We have put together a carefully chosen selection of different matcha qualities for you and your customers. Experience the unique benefits of this little tin of green energy.

01.09.2016 | Neighbours bearing fruit – The “Old Country”

Fresh fruit of the finest quality grows right on our doorstep:
in the "Old Country" - Europe's largest continuous fruit cultivation region.

18.04.2016 | There is nothing better than relaxing under the sun with a glass of refreshing cold drink.

That is exactly why we have created our Ticket to Paradise ORGANIC range - a fruity, exotic indulgence that would transport your senses to a holiday paradise! Look forward to enjoying a glass of heavenly tea in top ORGANIC quality.