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10.01.2018 | Hidden treasures of nature

The special tea enjoyment of our NEXT LEVEL RARITIES is created from compositions of rarities from all over the world and finest organic oils. The ingredients used for this are of the best organic quality. But where does our tea come from? Find the answer here!

03.11.2017 | Green tea in the evening?

In the cool winter months, you and your customers need optimal refreshment at any time of the day. Alveus® offers you a wide range of premium quality organic tea blends that will create a moment to meet your needs. But first of all, there is a question: Which tea suits my moment?

19.09.2017 | The Power of Herbs

In the season of coughs and colds, herbs are the secret stars.

These little helpers are well-known for their soothing effects on minor complaints. A slight scratchiness in your throat? An upset stomach or just feeling generally unwell? A hot cup of tea can help.

14.01.2016 | Veg up your life!

More and more people are discovering vegetables as a source of health and wellness. The alveus® Veggie Teas have arrived right on trend. They are vegan, low in salt and free of calories. These tasty feel-good formulas are perfect for your next fasting cure or sensible diet. Thanks to the varied range, drinking enough fluids every day becomes easy.

01.12.2015 | The Romance of the Siberian Winter

Recently our Head of Production Eduard Melchior introduced us to the secrets of Russian tea tradition. Together with him, the colleagues at the alveus® Tea Development department have created a mixture that warms our hearts. Dive into the Siberian winter and enjoy the homely feel of tea in the company of your loved ones.

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25.11.2015 | Matcha – a magic powder from the land of the rising sun

The fine powder glows a bright green. Matcha, Japanese for "powdered tea” and a central part of the Japanese tea ceremony, is very popular in Germany. Many know it as "Green Chai", "Matcha latte" or even as a non-alcoholic long drink.

29.10.2015 | Sweet Pastry Sensations - The biscuit in your cuppa

Soon it will be time to start your Christmas baking and make those delicious cookies and biscuits we all love so much. With our new pastry teas, you can already bring this unmistakeable spiced-sweet flavour into your cup of tea.

15.10.2015 | Herbs for You ORGANIC

From the moment you get up in the morning until you go to bed, you can be sure that our organic herbal tea blends will giveeach moment a very special flavour. Whether it is to wake youup in the morning, as a non-alcoholic digestif after your meal,or to help you relax in the evening - one of our herbal blendsis bound to be perfect for your occasion. The four deliciousflavours of our Herbs for You ORGANIC range will accompany you throughout the day.

22.09.2015 | ORGANIC Winter Dreams

The hottest inven­tion for the icy season

If there was no such thing as winter, we would have to invent it especially for the organic winter-tea blends from alveus®. Whether stormy or snowy outside, feel warm and cosy on the inside with the many fruity, spicy aromas of licorice and mint or lime and pink grapefruit. Welcome in the winter with our four different organic winter-tea flavours.

13.08.2015 | Dream of Quince ORGANIC

Magic, funky and majestic, the four new alveus® organic fruitand herb "Dream of Quince" blends are here.