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15.02.2016 | Herbalism for spring

Fresh herbs add an extra kick to tea and can be a decorative eye-catcher for guests or a cosy wellness evening. Spring is the right time of year to grow many of these popular green revitalisers. If you don't have a garden, a plant pot on your balcony or windowsill is usually more than adequate. There are however a few things to bear in mind. Some herbs like the sun, but some prefer the shade. Some like sandy soil while others like damp, nutrient-rich earth.

29.10.2015 | Sweet Pastry Sensations - The biscuit in your cuppa

Soon it will be time to start your Christmas baking and make those delicious cookies and biscuits we all love so much. With our new pastry teas, you can already bring this unmistakeable spiced-sweet flavour into your cup of tea.

06.10.2015 | Hot winter cocktails for comfy evenings...

Winter cocktails from alveus® really come into their own in the dark winter months - hot indulgence and delightfully eye-catching like their summer role models! As a classically brewed tea, they already taste delicious, but as a colourful punch, they will be the highlight of the evening for your guests.

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