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General Terms of sale

Our sales conditions are available on request.


To ensure a rapid treatment of your order, please submit your instructions until 12 am. The minimum order value for orders within the EU is 200 €. Orders can be placed via our homepage, in written form or by phone. The company alveus ® GmbH sells to the trade only.

Prices/Value Added Tax

All prices are ex warehouse plus legal VAT. All prices are free of engagement. Sale from stock as long as stocks lasts. Scaled discounts are not valid in combination with other discounts (e.g. special offers). Former price lists, catalogues and 'Terms and Conditions of Business', become invalid with the releasing of this catalogue.

Delivery / Shipping

Free delivery from value of goods of 200 € within Germany and Austria and from 700 € within the EU. Deliveries to islands include island surcharges (on request). For orders below 200 € within Germany and Austria we have to add a flat rate for shipping of 9.90 €. An extra charge for small quantities of 15 € is added to orders of values below 100 €. For orders within the EU, but outside Germany and Austria, 0.90 €/Kg are added for orders below 700 € value (boxes on request). For orders below 200 € value within the EU, but outside Germany and Austria, 15 € are added. Orders below 100 € are not executed. Initial orders

are postage free. Unless otherwise agreed or unless it follows from contractual relationship, the delivery time we state is non-binding. We are entitled to make part deliveries, provided this is acceptable for the customer. Deliveries outside the EU Terms and conditions of delivery and shipping outside the EU on request. Tea Storage In order to ensure the minimum durability, tea must be stored properly. Tea must be kept in a cool and dry place without the exposure to light.

Receipt of the Goods/Return Consignments

An incoming goods inspection (quantity check) is assumed immediately after acceptance of goods. Obvious transport damages are to be confirmed by the carrier promptly. Possible other damages are to be rejected immediately but not later than 7 days after receipt of the goods, otherwise warranty is voided. Concealed defects must be reported to the salesman in written form immediately after they have been discovered. Otherwise the goods are deemed to be approved. Not delivered goods are delivered at a later stage automatically and without further shipping charges, if not stated otherwise.

Packaging and Special Compositions

Our packaging unit is 1 Kg. Smaller amounts are not delivered. An exception are tea varieties with other packaging units. Tea is packed in sacks from a purchase order quantity of 25 Kg/tea variety. Prices for purchase order quantities from 50 Kg/tea variety or special compositions on request. Individual designed tea compositions, e.g. special compositions or tea compositions from older catalogues, are produced from 8 kg/tea variety as long as commodities are available. No discount is granted for special compositions and prices can vary due to commodity prices. Please note that the list of ingredients is in accordance with the current state. Due to new laws of labelling or the current market situation, lists of ingredients can change. Ingredients listed in our catalogue serve as information and do not relieve our clients of their own responsibility to examine these specified products regarding the suitability for the intended processes and purposes and the risk of violation of intellectual property rights of third parties.


Please order all kind of labels explicitly, since many clients to not need any. Ordered and delivered labels are to be checked after receipt. We point out expressly the fact that the alveus ® GmbH is not responsible for brand protection and food labelling of your individual ordered labels. Prices are listed at our accessory assortment.


Initial orders are made solely by prepayment. With respect to the consequences of a default in payment legal provisions shall apply.

Reservation of Proprietary Rights

The goods remain the property of the alveus ® GmbH until full payment has been made. Hamburg is the place of fulfilment and jurisdiction. All our information is subject to change. We reserve the right to make changes to our labelling and packaging as we improve our products. Imprint: alveus ® · Luisenweg 109 · 20537 Hamburg Important to remember before you print any labels and brochures: We will keep you up to date with all ingredients and product descriptions. For various reasons, the ingredients and product descriptions of our teas may change during the course of the year. For example, sometimes particular ingredients are no longer available, so we may replace them with similar ones. New labelling rules can also make it necessary to change product descriptions at short notice. This means that in cases such as these, the information in our annual catalogue may no longer be up to date. This is why we recommend the following: Before you have your tea labels or other sales materials printed, please ask us for our most up-to-date information first. That way, you will always be on the safe side.