Tea Wholesaling

Bancha Gratiné


Ice speciality for special events

Ingredients (for 4 persons):
2 capsules cardamom
400 ml water
2 tablespoons Japanese Green Bancha tea leaves
1 tablespoon lime juice
50 g sugar

Crush cardamom capsules in a mortar and boil 400 ml water in a sauce pan. Let cool down about 5 minutes (down to a temperature of 80° to 90°C). Steep 3 minutes. Filter into a high pitcher. Blend lime juice and sugar until sugar is completely dissolved. Let it all cool down.
Put into freezer compartment in a closed metal bowl. After an hour stir well with a fork in order to get a gratiné. Repeat this procedure every 30 minutes during the next 5 hours.

From 15 August, 2014