Tea Wholesaling

Ceramic artwork from Korea


Alveus has something very special for its customers. The '4 Color Cup Set' is designed by the award-winning ceramic artist Son Minyoung from the South Korean town of Icheon, which is known all over the world for its outstanding ceramic artwork.

Son Minyoung creates unusual designer objects by combining modern and traditional materials and shapes. His '4 Color Cup Set' consists of four simple cups without handles, featuring the four main glazes used in traditional Korean ceramic-work. 
These are the white Baekja glaze, the red Jinsa or Donghw glaze, the matt, anthracite-grey Heukyu glaze and the typical Korean green Celadon glaze (Cheongja), which has been characteristic of Korean handicrafts for over 1000 years. Due to the simple design of the cups, both the shape and the glazes come into their own and give the finished products four different characters with a unique aesthetic that conveys a sense of history. 

Another work by Son Minyoung, the 'Bamboo Handle Cup' was presented with the UNESCO Award of Excellence for Handicrafts in 2014.

From 15 August, 2016