Tea Wholesaling

Classic tea pleasure


Why not live one's habits deliberately: when it comes to tea we are real traditionalists - and we stand to it. Tea is deeply anchored in the society, be it the English tea time or the Japanese tea ceremony. And classic tea pleasure does not necessarily have to be simple or spartan. It is worthwhile having a glimpse at the traditions of other cultures and to taste the variations arousing from a touch of cream or a dash of lemon given into the tea.


Milk is well in line with classic or even flavoured black teas like Darjeeling or Earl Grey, but just as well with other flavoured teas, preferrably refined with citrus flavours.

Lemon will intensify the taste of citrus essences in flavoured teas (such as Earl Grey). But a dash of lemon also turns other teas into a fresh and animating beverage.

Soja milk is not a problem for those persons suffering a lactose intolerance or who prefer a sweeter taste. Have some soja milk together with black tea or flavoured tea and you will savour a strong and balanced note.

In the morning a classic tea is helpful to start off the day. Do not let it brew too long (3 minutes are largely sufficient) in order to release the contained caffeine.

During the day just take a break sipping a sugarless fruit melange. These teas represent a suitable alternative to fruit juices if you want to reduce your sugar consumption.

For lunch or dinner we recommend White or Green teas as they are appetizing and are complementing your fish, meat and all other dishes by its austere and frugal taste.

In the evening fruit and herbal teas help to calm down and to relax before going to sleep. Especially hops and lemon balm for instance have a real soothing effect.

From 03 October, 2014