Tea Wholesaling

Consistence and quality


The quality of the tea not only depends on a proper harvesting but is also deeply influenced by the processing that follows. Will the leaves be used as whole leaves, will they be broken or even crushed?

The flavours: The flavours added to the tea can be natural, organic or artificial. The flavouring should be carried out very delicately: if you add too little flavour the taste will remain weak, too much of it however could completely cover the real taste of the tea. The result also depends on how fresh the flavouring has been. Good quality tea will emit a natural scent. Furthermore the combination of fruit, buds and barks is delightful to the eyes.

The labelling: Now, how do you recognize the quality of the tea on the packing? During production the tea leaves are being broken in specific processings. These processings basically define the tea characeteristics such as colour, taste and flavour.The tea classification provides the necessary information on how the tea has been produced.

From 17 January, 2014