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Green tea in the evening?

Green tea in the evening?

In the cool winter months, you and your customers need optimal refreshment at any time of the day. Alveus offers you a wide range of premium quality organic tea blends that will create a moment to meet your needs. But first of all, there is a question: Which tea suits my moment?

Who doesn't know it when you feel powerless in the morning before a long day with countless tasks or when you can't get rid of the stress of everyday life? 

For every tea blend, it is important to ensure that only the best quality ingredients are used and to choose the right tea base for a certain occasion. Alveus offers you organically produced tea variations whose taste is unique. 

So your day will start full of energy:

Whether flowery-scented Darjeeling, dark and spicy Assam or fine and harsh, citrus-fruity Ceylon: there is something for everyone who wants to start the morning full of energy. Black tea contains tannins and minerals as well as vitamins, essential oils and caffeine. 

The tannins contained in tea have a calming effect on the stomach and the caffeine, unlike for example in coffee and energy drinks, is released slowly and sustainably into the body. In combination with catechin, it causes a constant level of caffeine and not the known low.

A stimulating morning tea should not be without spicy ingredients such as cardamom and ginger. The fruit nuances of grapefruits, oranges and lemongrass also have an invigorating effect on the senses. 

So you can give your body a new boost for in between times:

For moments when the energy is coming to an end, there are many stimulants that pamper the taste buds at the same time. A green tea based tea is also very suitable here.

Another, very fashionable variant of tea enjoyment is Matcha. The powdered form gives the Matcha an intense but also fresh note, which gives the moment that certain something. It is not difficult to intensify its effect after work or before exercise with energy-rich ingredients such as mate, guarana or moringa, and it is an enrichment of many tea blends in terms of taste and taste.

Vitamin-rich fruits such as goji berries, acai or acerola serve as a suitable carrier of the invigorating effect.

And so you can enjoy the end of the day to the fullest:

In the evening hours, a cup of stimulating green tea makes little sense. Instead, enjoy a pleasant blend of herbs that will make you forget the worries of everyday life.

Herbal, fruit or rooibos blends soothe the soul after a long day and can help you fall asleep. Most herbal teas are free of caffeine and are therefore also ideal for children to finish the day.

The soothing ingredients of the tea blends are not only known for their beneficial effects on health, but also for their good taste! Camomile, peppermint, fennel, valerian... The list of beneficial herbs is long and leaves room for creativity in tea selection. The delicate-sweet taste in the evening is provided by liquorice root, lemon balm and raspberry leaves, which can be refined with flowery lavender or refreshing aniseed.

From 03 November, 2017