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45 days of GreenTox® - the result of a self-experiment


Just in time for Ash Wednesday I started a GreenTox® cure. Without knowing what I was really getting into. What I knew was that after Christmas and Carnival I wanted a break. The offer with GreenTox® made me curious. And writing a few lines about it on Facebook every week didn't seem so difficult to me now. Here's my summary of how my looks and habits have changed and what insights I've gained.

Yeah, I really tried. When I had the first GreenTox® Skinny pulled, I was torn between euphoria and uncertainty. GreenTox® Skinny is a green tea blend with mate, nettle and moringa. I had drank green tea from time to time before, but I wasn't a fan. Too bitter. During the GreenTox® cure I adhered to the recommended water temperature and infusion time for the first time. The green tea tasted good. With the requirement of at least three cups a day, this was a positive surprise. I was happy.

Green tea blend

My favourite tea - GreenTox® Beauty: green tea blend, infusion at 70 - 80 degrees, 2 - 3 min. infusion time, up to 4 infusions.

„And every beginning is enchanted.“
– Hermann Hesse

The next days I was carried by this positive feeling. Yes, I had made it. It was actually quite simple. From time to time my head hummed a little. No headache, just such a humming. Then came a feeling, as if I would stand something beside me. I appreciate the sugar weaning.

And my colleagues discovered a certain irritation in me when things didn't go right away. Sugar weaning, the second? From the point of view of my colleagues, it was impatience. For me it was that I developed a new consistency and got things done faster. Which didn't always work one hundred percent. Thank you for your indulgence, dear colleagues.

„If you stop making mistakes, you don't learn anything.“
– Theodor Fontane

Altogether I felt good, only falling asleep was more difficult for me. If I lay in bed, my thoughts kept turning. What I had to do everything. How I could get things done faster. Or how I could feed myself better - I banished sweets, snacks and soft drinks first. Then I actually forgot. I simply had no appetite for it anymore.

The green tea somehow activated me. I can't describe it any other way. I had
more urge to move, didn't want to lie on the couch anymore. I started to leave the house again, one more lap around the block, through the park. A little movement. The movement soon turned into a light jogging.

Tea to go - with the Teainfuser from Qwetch any tea can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

Tea to go - with the Teainfuser from Qwetch any tea can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

How I learned to love green tea

Yes, my problem of falling asleep remained ... like when I suddenly had more energy available. One evening - I couldn't fall asleep again - I had a 'relapse'.
I stormed the sweet snack cupboard in the kitchen and ate sweet, salty everything in a mess until I was slightly sick. Then in front of the TV and watch something.

A friend of mine can drink green tea at any time of the day or night and never has problems sleeping. I seem to belong to the tea-sensitive or caffeine-sensitive people. From now on green tea was only available until the early afternoon. Afterwards GreenTox® Night, my nights looked much more relaxing. Falling asleep and sleeping through was easy from then on. And I had learned something about myself.

„You can't throw a habit out a window. You have to box it down the stairs. Step by step.“
– Marc Twain

If something doesn't go as hoped, you often fall back into old habits. In a phase of change - and fasting or GreenTox® is a consciously induced change - relapses are almost inevitable. We break habits. And nothing is as strong as the power of habit, they say. No wonder, our life and our everyday life consists of 90% habits. Of course, the remaining 10% have a hard time. Even our much quoted, strong will has little scientific and psychological chance.

According to research, it takes 21 days until the human brain is reprogrammed and a new habit is established. A new habit is taken for granted and firmly anchored when it is practiced for 90 days. Then the new habit has become an old habit and a fixed part of everyday life.
Thank you relapse for letting me research all this.

Zipper Greentox Boos with green gunpowder, white tea, matcha, guarana, lemon grass ...

Boost, Boost - everything that gives energy: green gunpowder, white tea, matcha, guarana, lemon grass ...

From the 3rd week: Boost - GreenTox® Boost

It gives you real energy. The boost was in the morning as well as for the day and just as good for sports as for jogging. Of course, the activity gave me wings once more. It's a great feeling when you don't have to walk every ten minutes, but can walk the whole distance. Runners high included.

There was a kind of interaction. The more sport, the healthier my diet. And the healthier my diet, the more fun it is to do sports. I didn't think I'd be able to separate from my sofa and chips like that. As already posted on Facebook, my friend was impressed.
And after he was always the sportier one of us ... until now! ... a very special compliment ;-)

Boost was followed by GreenTox® Beauty

I could have gotten used to the GreenTox® Boost. The GreenTox® Beauty shifted down a gear. The new muscles needed rest periods to grow anyway. From a pleasure point of view, Beauty is rounder and more balanced than Boost. Whether Beauty has made me more beautiful? Well, as is well known, that lies in the eye of the beholder. I for myself feel good and well with myself and my mirror.

„Who always does what he already can, always remains what he already is.“
– Henry Ford

The time from Christmas to Carnival is out of bones. I am more active, feel fresher, more alive and stronger.

I now do one and a half hours of sport - whatever it is - regularly, at least two days a week. There have also been some changes in my head, the 'I just want to have my rest' phase is over and I am curious again.

Green and White Tea - GreenTox® Spirit

The next days were devoted to the GreenTox® Spirit Tea. A mixture of white tea and green tea with herbs and flowers. The Spirit does not activate as strongly as the Boost, but gently invigorates and harmonises with lemon balm and lime blossoms. Yes, I am now interested in the individual ingredients.

My eating habits changed almost by themselves. I pushed a few things from the usual menu. I only eat them for pure enjoyment (pizza!). And I now drink more green tea and am always surprised how different it can taste. A new area has opened up for me. I try out more - even a white tea or yellow tea ... I have not yet found my absolute favorite tea, so varied and new is all for me.

White bowl with green tea Gyokuro Mikoto

GreenTox® gives it a good, exclusive taste: Gyokuro Mikoto, also known as 'Jade Drops'.

„The origin of all things is small.“
– Marcus Tullius Cicero

I find it exciting that everything started with three cups of GreenTox® a day.

From this perspective, the change started small and had a big impact. Sport gives me more muscles. I no longer find my weight so interesting because I feel better and more beautiful overall.

„The head is round so that thinking can change direction.“
– Francis Picabia

And I realize that change is fun. There is much to discover. Life becomes more exciting, bigger, more. Maybe now I'm learning a new language, Japanese has always interested me ...

From 26 April, 2019