Tea Wholesaling

Hidden treasures of nature


The special tea enjoyment of our NEXT LEVEL RARITIES is created from compositions of rarities from all over the world and finest organic oils. The ingredients used for this are of the best organic quality. But where does our tea come from? Find the answer here!


Finest White Dragon Silverneedle Earl Grey

This Chinese treasure from Henan province originates in the Dongzhai Tea Estate. The fine Silverneedles, which are surrounded by white hairs, the so-called Pekoe, are picked by hand in spring. The gentle processing of these tea leaves results in an extraordinarily delicate taste.


Finest Sencha Mizuki Ginger Lemon

This green tea from Shizuoka is finely rolled and also harvested in spring. Due to its shadowing, Sencha has an increased chlorophyll content in the leaf. The taste is particularly rich and accentuates the elegance of Japanese green teas.


Finest Assam Tonganagaon Lady Grey / Earl Grey

The black teas from the garden of Tonganagaon are of the highest quality. They are hand-picked in early summer and they have the excellent taste of the second flush.

Finest Darjeeling Tonganagaon Earl Grey

This noble Darjeeling from Lingia is also the result of hand-picked early summer picking, and it unfolds its aromatic character because it is grown in the high altitudes of India. Like Assam, this tea is a second flush because of its harvest time.


Finest Halimun Jade Oolong Citrus

The Jade Oolong from the Indonesian island of Java is hand-picked in spring in the midst of the Gunung Halimun National Park. Through a partial oxidation and an exact selection, a fine-nutty Oolong with exclusive, sweet notes is created on the volcanic subsoil.