Tea Wholesaling

How tea came to Thailand


Thailand is especially famous for its Oolong tea – which for tea connoisseurs rivals among Chinese and Taiwanese Oolongs.

Tea plants were imported to Taiwan from the Chinese Wuyi Mountains in the mid-19th century. Thanks to the support of Queen Elizabeth II, the following years saw a new-found appreciation among tea-lovers the world over for Formosa Oolong tea as well as other regional varieties. The tea was introduced to the country by soldiers who came to Thailand during the cultural revolution and, who began to cultivate the tea in these regions.

Since then, a real tea culture has developed in and around the region of Mae Salong which, in addition to harvesting by hand, also uses the most modern tea processing machines. This centuries-old passion for tea also attracts tourists who come to marvel at the plantations and tea gardens and who also wish to try some of the premium teas and take them home.

Speciality teas such as Thai iced tea, which is either served with a shot of lemon juice or sweetened condensed milk, are among today’s trends!

The drink is usually prepared with strongly brewed black tea. The black tea (preferably Assam) is brewed for longer than usual before it is chilled.

Then either sweetened condensed milk is added to the tea, or it is enjoyed as a slightly sweetened drink with a dash of lemon.

From 08 May, 2017