Tea Wholesaling

Ice-cold teas for the perfect summer!


With our Alveus IceTeas you will be cooled down by extraordinary tea blends in organic quality and can enjoy the long sunny days at best.

Tea is not only a hot drink, your favourite tea can be transformed into a cold breeze at any time. The Alveus IceTeas are excellently suited for this purpose and can be prepared both cold and hot (as recommended on the packaging). 

When preparing the Alveus IceTeas hot, it is important to ensure that the water temperature (70 - 100 °C depending on the Alveus IceTea type, see description on the packaging) and infusion time are correct, in order to enjoy the optimum taste experience. After the tea is well prepared, allow it to cool before storing it in the fridge for one night.

We recommend to avoid using unfiltered and contaminated tap water. These can be harmful to your health and affect the natural taste of our tea creations. We also advise you to boil tap water at 100°C before using it for the cold infusion in order to kill any germs, bacteria or microorganisms. 

We attach great importance to organic quality and the best food standards in our products. However, it cannot be ruled out that minimal amounts of residues from the soil, as well as from transport or processing in the growing countries, will remain in the tea. These residues are regularly checked by us and external authorities such as the organic authorities. This means that we can always offer you a product of the highest quality standards. 

However, especially when you are eating Alveus IceTea, we recommend that you always pour hot boiling water over the tea and then let it cool down. Particularly when consumed by children or elderly people, the greatest importance should be placed on safe food.

Try to thaw loose tea in a carafe or a teapot with ice cubes (see water instructions). Leave it to stand for about 12-24 hours until the ice cubes have liquefied. The container used should be able to filter the tea ingredients so that you can enjoy the tea in its purest form. A real pleasure and a guarantee of a beautiful idea for a cosy summer day.

Discover our completely new tea creations and make them fit for the warm days. 

We wish you a lot of fun with your summer soft drinks!