Tea Wholesaling

Organic – controlled quality


Organic and quality – these terms belong together. The reason being that those who understand and live the organic thinking will imperatively obtain quality products. The consumers today are more and more estimating products from organic and non genetically modified agriculture.

The human being consists of 65% water (depending on the age) and it should drink3 liters of liquid every day. It is therefore all the more important not to accept any compromises in the daily fluid absorption. Especially children should have a healthy drinking pattern. Like most of the plants cultivated in plantations the tea plants are often being exposed to numerous pesticides. For most of the plantation operators however the obstacles to start cultivating without pesticides are enormously high. As the tea plant is quite susceptible for diseases and changing climate conditions they have to fear high losses of harvest when cultivating without pesticides. To improve the cultivation conditions they do need sustainable support by their customers as well as conviction and expertise by the plantation workers. Organic tea is being controlled regularly. In order to be approved as organic operator and receive the bio-label certain conditions have to be fulfilled. The most common bio-label is the one by the European Union: small stars forming a white leave on a clear green background.

From 31 January, 2014