Tea Wholesaling

Tea enjoyment like the Bedouins


In the summer heat only a warm tea helps to cool the body properly. The Bedouin desert people show how it works.

Sun. Over 40 degrees Celsius. Desert as far as the eye can see. This is the life of the Bedouins. The desert people from Arabia suffer unbelievably high temperatures every day, which drain their bodies in climatic conditions similar to a steam bath.

That is why it is immensely important to drink enough liquid at hot temperatures. But the refreshment of a cold drink would be fatal: the supposedly beneficial cooling means stress for the human cooling system and a health hazard.

The Bedouins, most of whom live in the desert, know how to protect themselves from the heat. And how? With tea, and plenty of it! Only large quantities of warm tea provide for the perfect refreshment and prevent a heat stroke. Coffee or alcohol should be avoided, as these remove the vital fluid from the body.

The tea of the desert people, prepared on an open flame, has a unique taste. The Bedouins usually use black tea with plenty of sugar, which gets a smoky flavour and therefore a very special character through the preparation.

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From 27 April, 2018