Tea Wholesaling

The Power of Herbs


In the season of coughs and colds, herbs are the secret stars. These little helpers are well-known for their soothing effects on minor complaints. A slight scratchiness in your throat? An upset stomach or just feeling generally unwell? A hot cup of tea can help.


Cooking the seeds of star anise is said to give you a natural remedy for coughs. The seeds also have antibacterial properties, aid relaxation, act as a diuretic and help to combat bad breath and stomach cramps. Chewing a few seeds is a great idea to stimulate your digestion after large meals.


Cloves are a tried and tested remedy for toothache. Chewing on a clove with the affected tooth is supposed to numb the pain. The oil of the clove also has an antiseptic effect. 

Lime blossoms

Is your throat feeling rough? Then lime blossoms are perfect to support you through your day. If a sore throat is looming, it’s a good idea to have a freshly brewed cup of lime blossom tea. The ingredients are said to really work wonders for sore throats.


Trans-anethole – an ingredient found in fennel – and fenchone are said to have an alleviating effect on the symptoms of cold such as coughs and sniffles. They also help to release mucous trapped in the bronchi, transporting them away.

Fennel tea also helps if you have an upset stomach and helps to build up milk supplies in breast-feeding women.


The substance cineol is known for helping to release mucous trapped in the bronchi and sinuses, making it easier to clear the secretions and cough them up.

The oil of the eucalyptus plant has a mildly antispasmodic effect and helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

From 19 September, 2017