Tea Wholesaling

Traditional manufacture


Matcha is no ordinary green tea powder. For four weeks before being harvested the tea plants are shaded, to have the leaves grow more slowly. Discovered by chance when the plantations needed to be protected from the ash of a volcano, the procedure hugely influences the flavour of the tea. The concentration of precious nutrients such as chlorophyll and tea-polyphenol increases, and the leaf takes on a darker colour. Matcha is ground in stone or granite mills as slowly and carefully as possible. Each production step is carried out with the utmost care and attention, bringing the drink to its fullest richness.

How-to Matcha

To make a proper cup of Matcha tea, add about 1g of Matcha to a large rough-surfaced bowl and fill up with hot water (80°), stopping two finger-widths from the top. 
Then use the Matcha brush to froth up the tea for about 15 seconds with quick forwards and backwards motions. Frothing with the bamboo brush prevents any lumps from forming in the drink and the brush produces a fine foam on the surface. 
When stirring, be careful not to move the brush too roughly across the base of the bowl and do not press it against the base too forcefully. 
Use only clear water to clean your Match brush, do not use soap because this could ruin the taste when you use it next. 
Tip: Steeping the bristles of the brush in warm water for about 10-20 minutes before first time use will allow them to soak up the water and soften, making preparation easier.

From 21 June, 2016