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Coronavirus precautions:

Tea, Hygiene and what you should know

Given the latest daily developments and updates about the coronavirus, we would like to inform you about our safety and prevention guidelines :

First of all, all the ingredients we use come from our own warehouse. We maintain on average a 6 month inventory - half calendar year ahead. Therefore, the risk of transmission through our teas, which are infused with at least 70° hot water, is unlikely.

We have increased our high hygiene standards companywide. We have not only implemented stringent hygiene measures handling ingredients, but in all aspects of our production facilities - The complete manufacturing is observing and following stricter standards.

Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene
All employees have undergone special coronavirus prevention training and instructed to follow state health department hygiene measures. Every employee is instructed to unconditionally follow the new hygiene guidelines.

German Federal Institute For Risk Assessment: transmission unlikely
According to the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, responsible for the coronavirus prevention and management, transmission through food or goods is unlikely. In addition, since viruses are heat-sensitive, the risk of infection can be further reduced by heating food.
At temperatures of 55° to 70° Celsius (131° to 158° Fahrenheit) viruses become harmless. As the water temperature for brewing tea is usually higher, drinking tea poses almost no risks.

We are at your disposal for further questions and inquiries.
We wish your loved ones, colleagues and you the best of health from the bottom of our hearts!

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