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Yes! Even if you are a trader who is not certified organic you can still sell organic products, as long as you don’t repackage them.

In this case we offer our brand partners 10 unique ranges. They are packaged ready to sell, all feature a unique visual design and are sent to you with sales-promoting marketing material. This means you can concentrate directly on selling the products and can offer your customers organic goods without any problems.

Get in touch with our service staff and learn all you need to know about our brand partnership and product lines.
If you would like to offer your customers a more extensive range of products, you may want to become certified. Here we recommend getting quotes from various inspection bodies and comparing them.

Once you have decided on an offer, you will need to start preparing for the preliminary inspection. You will prepare all the important aspects that are decisive for certification.

If errors have been identified, they will need to be fixed and, if necessary, removed during a second inspection visit.

As soon as you fulfil all requirements according to the standard, you will receive a certificate. This certification entitles you to process organic products, for example. This means that your tea shop is now able to transfer organic tea to different packaging, and may also label this self-packaged tea as “organic”.
If you are interested in forming a brand partnership with us, please get in touch with our service staff. They will provide you with extensive advice tailored to your needs. We consider every customer and every shop unique, which is why our staff cater to you and your concerns in a targeted manner.
The legal shelf-life limit is 2 years. By blending and packaging our premium teas in small batches, we guarantee you a unique tea experience. The relatively small packaging sizes mean you are always able to offer your customers a fresh blend. The produce flows through our warehouse and your tea shelves quickly, ensuring that the full spectrum of flavours is always guaranteed.
Starting from as little as 8 kg, we offer you the chance to have your own tea blend produced. And of course, we guarantee you have exclusivity of your blend. In this case contact our customer service, they would be happy to advise you on the selection of ingredients and the possibilities of creating your desired tea. You will also receive a free confirmation sample to look at so that you can test and give your blessing to your creation yourself.
You are welcome to visit us at our head office in Hamburg. Simply contact our service staff and they will fix an appointment with you.
Credit card payments are currently only possible in special cases (for export orders). Get in touch with one of our members of staff in customer services as required; they would be happy to advise you on the possibilities for credit card payments and ensure that the process runs smoothly.
Our delivery times are completely dependent on the country to which we are delivering.

Deliver within Germany is usually 1-2 days. Within the German neighbouring countries the delivery time is 1 to 3 days. The delivery time to European countries is 2 to 6 days. You can find out about the specific delivery times for non-EU countries from our service staff. They would also be happy to provide you with information about delivery conditions for your respective country.
You can order from us in various ways. We would be happy to take your orders via email at or with our fax order form on the following number: +49 40 468 987 490.

Select the method which is most convenient for you and send us your order. Our service staff begin processing your order immediately and our delivery team ensures fast and smooth delivery.
We currently only have one branch in Hamburg. An expansion to France and other countries is planned.