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We turn your dreams into reality

Make your dream of your own tea shop come true exactly the way you envisaged it. We at Alveus are there for you as a strong partner without being domineering. The goal of our joint journey is opening your tea shop. We support you in all respects so that your dream can become a reality.


Be it in searching for a location, planning a conversion or the equipment: We are happy to advise and share our knowledge with you to prepare you for the shop opening in the best possible way. We can teach you everything you need to know about tea as part of our own training that we designed ourselves. This prepares you for the everyday world of tea and enables you to answer the questions of your customers.


Every journey must come to an end, but when it comes to opening a business, the end is only the beginning! It all starts with the selection of teas for the range. Browse through our assortment and let our staff advise you. Which varieties are always popular and which could be perfect for your clientele? Thanks to our experience and a seemingly endless selection of teas, you will find just the right tea varieties for your shop.

And, if you really can’t find what you’re looking for, we can create and blend your desired tea together with you!

Create Customer Blends