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Oolong tea

The right balance for a mouth-watering treat

The secret of oolong is a perfectly timed oxidation process. This is how, with our oolong tea, we manage to combine the taste of green and black tea in one cup.

Sometimes, striking a balance is quite simply the most delicious option – this is definitely confirmed by those who appreciate oolong tea, which can be classified both in terms of its flavour and in the production method as somewhere between black and green tea. The multifaceted diversity of an oolong tea is largely determined by the skill and knowledge of the tea master who interrupts the oxidation process at precisely the right moment.


During harvesting, ripe leaves such as the so-called “fourth leaf” are also
picked. This is what makes oolong leaves even more different from the familiar green or black tea leaves that are used. Among connoisseurs, oolong is regarded like a good wine: It unfolds its complexity and smoothness after being stored correctly for a certain length of time.