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White Tea

Precious and delicious

White teas such as Pai Mu Tan and Yin Zhen, Chinese for “silver needle”, owe their name to the silvery white fluff that surrounds the buds of the tea plant – a first hint to their exquisite taste.

Its story dates back to the Song dynasty in China, where the rulers considered white tea a precious commodity. For a long time, enjoyment of this exquisite tea variety was reserved for the king. At most, high nobility was permitted to taste it now and again. It was only a lot later that the masses had the opportunity to drink white tea.


Only the unopened buds and most tender leaves are harvested in the spring for white tea. Thanks to particularly gentle processing, the tea retains its original mildness and tastes fresh and slightly sweet in the infusion. White tea not only tastes excellent, it also has a positive effect on your well-being. Just like green tea, white tea can have both a stimulating and a calming effect.