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We have the largest catalogue of wholesale organic teas and infusions. Only with the best ingredients can we guarantee the premium quality of our products: we select our teas and infusions at source with great care, creating our unique blends through a purely handcrafted process


Thanks to our large international infrastructure, we control all of the processes and optimise them every day. We have the largest catalogue in the market, with more than 1400 references and 900 exclusive blends created by tea masters, we are not intermediaries. If you cannot find the tea you are looking for, we will create it for you.


We want to be much more than a supplier, we are a partner that helps you achieve your goals. Whether you already have an idea or you are already a professional in the sector, we accompany you on your path to success in selling the best teas in the world

Our achievements

+1500 Teas, Blends and Infusions
+1000 Organic products
+800 Natural aromas

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    Green Tea - Single Estate > China Sencha ORGANIC
    Fruit Blends > Dream of Spring Melon - Peach taste
    Green Tea - Single Estate > China Sencha
    Branded Editions > Blackberry Tango Red fruit taste
    Branded Editions > Winter Chai ORGANIC
    Black Tea Blends > Earl Grey Blue Bergamot taste
    Herbal > Ginger Pieces ORGANIC
    Branded Editions > Morning Melody Exotic bergamot taste
    Matcha Accessories > Original Japanese Bamboo Whisk
    Branded Editions > From Paris with Love Violet Raspberry Taste

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