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Bulk Fruit Infusions for Professionals

One of the keys to our success undoubtedly lies in our dedication to listening to and addressing the needs and desires of our customers.

Only in this way can we perfectly combine flavor, fragrance, and visual appeal in our fruit infusions, allowing us to create and offer one of the widest ranges of organic infusions in the world.

A delicious and refreshing way to enjoy the naturalness and vibrant flavors of the freshest fruits. At Alveus, our passion for quality and creativity merges in every infusion, from classic combinations to innovative blends.

Our Fruit Infusions in Figures

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Need your own fruit blend?

To create the best fruit infusion, you will have the assistance of our professionals who will help you create and choose an ideal range of products.

Our experts in flavored infusions invent more than a hundred exclusive recipes every year at the request of our customers. They listen to your idea and imagine the perfect product to combine the best flavors and aromas with the most delicate organic ingredients in the world.

Caffeine-Free Fruit Infusions

All our caffeine-free fruity infusions will delight both children and adults. They are an excellent alternative to sugary drinks with generous chunks of whole fruit and natural flavor.

A harmony of aromas and colors for young connoisseurs, with original flavors that make them dream: papaya with banana and pineapple, rosehip with apple, hibiscus with lemongrass and blueberries… A sensory delight that will please the whole family.

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