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After listening and learning from our customers, we now know the keys to success in the tea business:

  • Perfectly combined flavour, fragrance and visual appeal: an Alveus tea is a true experience for the senses, a fragrant journey and a taste sensation.
  • Give the tea an evocative name that is easy to remember: Amour Provence, Tisane des Elfes, Marrakesh Nights.
  • Offer one of the widest ranges of organic teas and infusions in the world.
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Our fruit blends

+ 200 Types of fruits blends
+ 170 Natural flavouring
+ 65 Organic

Bestselling fruit infusions

Do you need your own recipe?

Our experts will help you to create or choose the ideal range of products. Did you know that we can also help you to create your own brand or your own customised recipes?

Our tea experts invent more than a hundred exclusive tea blends per year at the request of our customers. They will listen to your ideas and will create the perfect product to combine the best flavours and aromas with the most delicate organic ingredients from all over the world.

Discover our best-selling fruit blends in bulk

    Fruit Blends > Dream of Spring Melon - Peach taste
    Mild Fruit Blends > After Work Passion fruit - Chokeberry taste
    Fruit Blends > Berry Selection Wildberry taste
    Mild Fruit Blends > Clouds of Almond Candied almond taste
    Fruit Blends > Red fruit jelly Red fruit jelly taste
    Fruit Blends > Sweet Berry Wildberry taste
    Mild Fruit Blends > Peach Mint Lime - Peach taste
    Fruit Blends > Hawaii Summer Peach - Vanilla taste
    Mild Fruit Blends > Pure Senses Mango - Grapefruit taste
    Fruit Blends > Cherry Banana Cherry - Banana taste

Fruit infusions for children

Caffeine-free, all of our fruity infusions will delight both adults and children. They are an excellent alternative to sugary drinks with appealing whole pieces of fruit and natural flavours.

A harmonious blend of aromas and colours, a special gift for the little gourmets at home, with original flavours that inspire their dreams: papaya blended with banana and pineapple, rosehip peels with apple, hibiscus with lemongrass and blueberries.

An excitement for the senses that will delight the entire family.

The star of infusions was not how you see it now

Did you know that strawberries were originally white? One of the most valuable ingredients in any blend, but in terms of its fragrance, flavour and colour, it was actually completely different to how we know it today.

The original strawberries came from Latin America, from where they were exported to Europe. Due to unintentional cross-pollination with flowers from North America, the white strawberry gradually turned red, obtaining its current colour, which is how it is known all over the world.

Do you know which mallow plants are most commonly used in red infusions?

By the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, infusions made with dried hibiscus flowers were being drunk. However, it wasn't until the 16th century, with the expansion of trade along the Silk Road, that this flower was blended with different varieties of tea.

Our organic hibiscus flowers offer a refreshing drink that is ideal for quenching thirst, ruby in colour, with an acidic flavour and an aroma reminiscent of red berries.

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