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We take pride in being importers of the most exceptional and rare teas, sourced from the most remote and exquisite plantations around the world. Our collection of rarities includes legendary white teas, wild teas handcrafted by artisans, as well as renowned early harvest teas such as those from Darjeeling and Japan.

Each of our rarities possesses unique characteristics and unmatched aromas, cultivated and perfected over centuries. These nature gems represent the elite in the world of tea.

The “rarities” are teas of highly limited production, originating from producing regions distinguished by their exceptional quality and flavour.

Thanks to our volume as wholesalers of exclusive teas, we can directly select the best harvests without intermediaries. This allows us to guarantee the freshness, quality, and authenticity of each batch we offer to our customers.

Discover the magic of our rarities and offer your customers a unique sensory experience.

Our Rarities

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Difficult-to-find tea rarities, within your reach

Origin products are the favourites of the most discerning customers for their unique quality, like our Black Golden Snail 1st grade, which is a true spectacle for the 5 senses with its notes of nuts and slightly acidic freshness.

We also offer you the opportunity to enhance your assortment with the most exquisite BIO teas from the world’s best tea gardens, such as Jasmin Dragon Pearls, Silver Needle, and Gyokuro. If you haven’t tried them yet, request your samples!

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Branded Editions: modern and attractive packaging

Our metal boxes protect the tea perfectly from humidity, light and other external factors. Thanks to this modern metal container, they preserve all of their aromas.

The colourful and attractive labels on the containers also add to the perception of quality with a clean and clear image on a robust tin that is easy to open.

Accessories worthy of our exclusive teas

To highlight the character of these exclusive teas, you can offer in your store a selection of premium accessories that we have specially curated for those seeking to provide their customers with a luxurious and sophisticated experience.

Examples of these are the limited edition cups and original cast iron teapots created by Hisanori Masuda, the renowned Japanese designer known for his exceptional craftsmanship.

Discover perfection in every detail with our first-class accessories, designed to complement the greatness of our exclusive teas.

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