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Explore our wide variety of tea cups wholesale, where you’ll find exclusive and original designs that will delight your customers.

From tea-tasting sets to double-walled glasses, as well as our innovative Mate gourds with Bombilla straws, (available in a diverse range of colors and crafted with native Argentine wood), as wholesale cup suppliers we have everything your customers need to enjoy their favorite tea with style and comfort.

And for those seeking the exceptional, we present the Korea tea cup set, meticulously crafted by the talented Korean artist Son Min Young, hailing from the esteemed Icheon school celebrated for its mastery of traditional ceramics. Each piece in this set is skillfully formed from glazed ceramic, boasting an enchanting irregularity that pays homage to South Korean heritage. Carefully curated as true works of art, these cups elevate the tea-drinking experience to new heights.

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