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In Japanese, “cha” means tea and “ma” means powder. Thus, the word matcha translates literally as green tea powder..

This authentic treasure of Japanese culture is distinguished by its unique preparation process and unmistakable flavour. In contrast to traditional leaf teas, matcha is not infused in water but carefully whisked to create a smooth and creamy blend that awakens the senses.

Its vegetal flavour, rich in chlorophyll, delights with tender and slightly bitter nuances, enhanced by delicate sweet notes that make it an unparalleled sensory experience. Discover the art of Japanese tea in all its fullness with our finest organic Matcha teas.

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Matcha tea wholesale

The perfect combination of our Premium Alveus Matcha Tea. Our tea sommeliers have designed several formats for the best Matcha teas:

• 30 g tin
• 100 g packet
• 1 kg bags

As an importer of premium organic matcha tea, we constantly innovate to offer the best to those customers who want to sell organic tea. Our team of professionals carefully follows market trends to offer the best blends based on premium organic matcha.

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