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The story goes that in the 16th century, a batch of green tea was accidentally left to oxidise in England, thus unintendedly creating what came to be known as black tea. Others would say that this tea has existed for a lot longer, with the appearance of one of the best Chinese black teas, Lapsang Souchong.

Whether white, green or black, all types of tea come from the same plant, the tea tree Camellia Sinensis. The production processes differ according to the type of tea being made. The process for making black tea has more steps and requires full oxidation.

The leaves are withered first so that they lose part of their moisture content. When they are more pliable, they are rolled, placed in oxidation rooms and then they get dried at higher temperatures.

The wide range of taste nuances of our loose leaf black teas is highly appreciated by tea lovers. Black teas contains tannins, minerals and vitamins, as well as essential oils and caffeine. Among the most famous is our Darjeeling Darjeeling FTGFOP 1 Barnesbeg BIO. Darjeeling teas are regarded as one of the best black teas in the world.

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Best black tea blends, Alveus

Discover our full range of black tea in bulk and blends created with the best ingredients. Made with delicious aromas, all of our teas meet the strictest quality criteria.

As a black tea wholesaler, we keep an eye on the market and stay up-to-date regarding the latest trends in the tea sector. At Alveus, we believe in seeking constant creation for our customers and our blends are the perfect combination of tradition and innovation.

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Where does “Earl Grey” name come from?

The origins of Earl Grey tea come from the Earl and British Prime Minister Charles Grey. Legend has it that during a trip to China, Earl Grey saved a young Chinese man from drowning. The boy’s father, a tea merchant, gave him the famous recipe with bergamot as a thank you for saving his son.

Given that black teas were produced at that time in India, and what is now known as Sri Lanka, it is highly unlikely that this is true. According to other theories, the recipe was created by one of the Earl’s employees, or by the man himself, who tried adding a slice of bergamot to his tea.

What is the difference between theine and caffeine?

There is no difference! The molecule contained in tea called”theine”, and the molecule contained in coffee called “caffeine” are the same.

Although they are the same alkaloid, there is less caffeine in tea than in coffee and it does not act in the same way in the body.

Darjeeling, the champagne of the Himalayas

Darjeeling, or “Dorje Ling” in Tibetan, means “land of storms”. The city and the plantations that surround it are located on the slopes of the mountains in the West Bengal region. The climate of this mountainous is ideal for the highest quality teas.

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