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We offer the largest and most exclusive selection of Rooibos and Honeybush, two natural treasures from South Africa that delight the senses with their unique flavour and comforting character.

Both Rooibos and Honeybush are versatile infusions that can be enjoyed at any time of day as they are caffeine-free.

At Alveus, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of exclusive Rooibos blends, made with organic and carefully selected ingredients to meet the highest quality standards throughout Europe.

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Top-Quality Bulk Rooibos Wholesale

Rooibos, a wild shrub that grows in the arid lands of South Africa, is the basis of one of the most appreciated infusions worldwide.

Harvested during its growth period, the finest needles of this shrub are carefully oxidised to obtain its distinctive red colour, a quality seal that reflects its purity and freshness.

The more intense its red colour, the higher its quality, and at Alveus, we have the most select Rooibos on the market. With a woody and spicy aroma, our Rooibos offers sweet notes of caramel and vanilla, creating a unique experience for lovers of this highly demanded infusion.

Best-Selling Bulk Honeybush Blends

Honeybush, also known as the “honey bush”, shares a similar production process to Rooibos. However, its flavour is distinctly different, offering a sweeter and fuller-bodied experience.

With delicate honey notes and a characteristic amber colour, Honeybush captivates with its floral aroma and mellow flavour. Order your samples of our Honeybush infusions now to experience firsthand this natural indulgence sensation with which to captivate your customers.

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