Bags for tea

Assortment of premium tea bags

Would you like to package our tea in a more personalised way?

Our packaging solutions can add value to your products, allowing you to market smaller quantities without losing the essence and quality of the flavours and aromas.

Discover our wide range of bags for tea wholesale in different formats and colours: block bottom tea bags (biodegradable) with or without window, giving the products a more natural image.

Resealable stand-up tea bags in different sizes according to your needs, and a wide variety of colours in order to adapt to what you are looking for and to your brand image.

Labels for tea bags

As well as being able to buy premium tea bags, each time you buy your loose leaf tea or infusions, you will be able to select the labels that best adapt to your final packaging.

1 kg packets or +10 kg sacks contain the product information and the Alveus logo by default.

However, it is possible to request adhesive “Premium Design Labels”, specially recommended for marketing ORGANIC tea directly to the end customer. This type of label can be customised with your tea company information so the consumer perceives the quality of your brand in their own hands.

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