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The best tea, packaged as it should be.

At Alveus, we have opted for an innovative design that allows optimum preservation of our products, as well as giving you the option of premium wholesale tea tins and packaging in your sales space, which can be optimised and decorated with your own brand in a way that retains the freshness and aroma of our blends.

So you can choose from a variety of silver aluminum tins from 20 g (patterns for special

teas) up to 2.5 kg. Discover also our famous Alveus “Caddys” with magnetic labeling.

Magnetic labels

Would you like to mark our tea more clearly?

The magnets for silver tins have a floral design in different colors that indicate the type of tea category. Thanks to the magnetic labels, the tins are reusable and can be used for new flavors at any time thanks to transparent stickers.

For the “caddy” format, the magnets are round and include a small tea leaf symbol indicating the loose tea category.

Customizable transparent stickers are available for both solutions.

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