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The best tea, packaged as it should be.

At Alveus, we have opted for an innovative design that allows optimum preservation of our products, as well as giving you the option of premium wholesale tea tins and packaging in your sales space, which can be optimised and decorated with your own brand in a way that retains the freshness and aroma of our blends.

You can choose from a range of metal tea tins, from 20 g (samples and details for the most exquisite teas) to 2.5 kg, as well as our famous tea caddies, which can be customised with magnetic labelling that we create for you according to your brand.


Magnetic labels

Do you have your own tea brand?

Would you like to identify our tea more clearly?

Our packaging solutions add value to your products, as you can market smaller quantities to customers without losing the essence and quality of the flavours and aromas. Due to the magnetic labels the tins are resuable as you can renew your bestsellers all year long, all you have to do is replace the magnet on the outside.

The magnets for silver tins have a striking design with colours that indicate the type of infusion.

Customisable, transparent stickers are available for both solutions.

Discover our tea tins

    Tea Tins > Plain Silver Tea Can 20g 44 x 44 x 62 mm 1 SU = 24 pieces
    Tea Tins > Plain Silver Tea Can 50g 60 x 60 x 80 mm 1 SU = 24 pieces
    Tea Tins > Plain Silver Tea Can 100g 75 x 75 x 95 mm 1 SU = 12 pieces
    Tea Tins > Plain Silver Tea Can 250g 88 x 88 x 115 mm 1 SU = 12 pieces
    Tea Tins > Plain Silver Tea Can 500g 102 x 102 x 146 mm 1 SU = 6 pieces
    Tea Tins > Plain Silver Tea Can 1.500g 147 x 147 x 214 mm 1 SU = 4 pieces

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