Valentine’s Day Tea Sale

The art of selling tea with love: Creative strategies to increase sales during the Valentine's Day campaign.
Valentine's Day tea

As a tea shop owner, Valentine’s Day should not go unnoticed. 

This day is more than just a cultural celebration. It’s an unmissable opportunity to increase sales and offer unique experiences by spreading love in tea shape.


Valentine's Day: Origins and the sale of tea as a gift

While some consider this date a creation of marketing, its origin dates back to the 3rd century AD in Rome. Valentine, a brave priest, defied Emperor Claudius II’s prohibitions by secretly marrying young lovers.

His act of love and rebellion led to his death sentence on 14 February 269 AD, turning him into “the saint of love”; that is why we celebrate this special day.

Today, millions express their love through gifts that go beyond the conventional. Flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are traditional, but tea has emerged as a classic choice in recent years.

Far from other gifts, tea is highly healthy, while offering an extraordinary sensory experience. By selling tea as a Valentine’s Day gift, you are offering care and attention to the health of your customers’ loved ones.

By giving tea as a gift, you are giving more than a beverage; you are offering care and attention to the health of your loved ones.

This gift not only opens the door to health but also to the magic of sharing special moments

How to Increase Tea Sales on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day tea shop
With the charm of tea as a Valentine’s gift shown away, it’s time to share strategies to boost your tea shop sales.

Valentine's Decoration for Shops

Approximately ten days before, decorate your shop for the occasion. Highlight the color red. Use balloons, cardboard hearts, flowers, etc.

Both in the storefront and inside, your customers should feel the Valentine’s Day atmosphere.

Select Valentine's Teas to Promote

Choose the teas you will promote. We recommend opting for special pure teas and blends with chocolate, strawberry, rose, cinnamon…

You can also select teas with names that evoke loveFrom Paris with Love ORGANIC, Winter Love ORGANICTrue Romance

Sell with More Profitability:
Some suppliers offer special discounts on selected teas for this campaign. Offer these teas using the discount. You'll increase sales and profitability.

Place them prominently in your shop—consider a decorated table, eye-level shelves, or the counter.

In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, offer a special discount for purchasing these teas.

Create Gift Packs

Valentine's Day gift

Creating gift packs with various teas, a mug, and chocolates (which pair well with tea) is an excellent idea. Accompany them with a postcard or card with love motifs. This way, customers can write a special dedication in their handwriting.

Consider all customer profiles and budgets, offering packs starting from 15 or 20 euros onwards.

A Love Poem:
Some suppliers offer special discounts on selected teas for this campaign. Offer these teas using the discount. You'll increase sales and profitability.

Promotion on Social Media

Don’t limit this promotion to your physical or online store. Announce your Valentine’s Day campaign several days in advance on your social media.

Build anticipation in the days leading up to the event with previews of exclusive blends that will be available; create interactive polls for your followers to choose their favorites and share romantic stories related to tea.

Host a giveaway to encourage your followers to tag their loved ones and use hashtags, making your campaign go viral. Imagination is key!

Show Your Customer Love:
Interlace stories on your social media announcing your promotion and showcasing the best reviews you received on Google and other review platforms.

Make your Customers Fall in Love

There’s a beautiful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day that will strengthen your relationship with customers: become the love declarant.

Design postcards with romantic and fun messages, expressing how meaningful they are to your store. Accompany each purchase with a flower, expressing a sincere “thank you for being our customer” and wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day.

We guarantee that this gesture will stir something special within them and seal their loyalty.


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