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Black Tea

Fascinating in its diversity

Floral-scented Darjeeling, dark, spicy Assam or tangy Ceylon – black tea delights with its diversity of aromas.

We probably have a lucky coincidence to thank for the discovery of black tea. It is said that, in the 16th century, a batch of green tea was accidentally fully oxidised due to an error in production. However, instead of throwing the tea away, the tea farmers tasted the hot infusion of the wilted leaves and came to the conclusion that it tasted particularly aromatic.


Black tea is not only highly appreciated because of its aroma, it also contains tannins, minerals and vitamins as well as essential oils and caffeine. The latter is only released slowly into the body, unlike with coffee, and the tannins have a soothing effect on the stomach. In general the following applies: Tea that infuses for up to two minutes has a stimulating effect. If the infusion time exceeds five minutes, the effect is more soothing.