Create your own tea gift sets for Christmas

How to make Christmas tea gift sets that your clients will fall in love with, and tips to make more money this Christmas season.
Tea gift sets

Why tea gift sets?

Christmas is a magical time when people come together to celebrate, share, and gifts. And what is the best gift you can give to a tea lover?… Of course Tea! 

As a tea shop owner, Christmas is the perfect time for happiness that you should take advantage of. On the one hand, it helps those who are looking to make an original gift and get it right, and on the other, it makes those who receive it happy.

In this post, we will show you how to create Christmas tea gifts to give as gifts that will make you fall in love while boosting your turnover.


Why sell tea gift boxes in your store

Selling tea gift sets or boxes of tea at Christmas has many advantages beyond increasing your income. Some of them:

  • They help you to remove excess stock. You can use teas that you have in stock, references that you want to remove, or small quantities of end-of-bags. (The typical 40 grams that remain at the end of the bag). 
  • Build customer loyalty. Customers who gift a basket of tea will share a positive opinion about you and your business. They will also feel happy that they made the right choice when giving this gift. These two aspects will reinforce your client’s mental image and emotional connection with your business.
  • Get new clients. There are many stores that,  in the first months of the year, gain customers who learn about their products thanks to a Christmas gift. 
  • Increase your turnover. Most people buy their Christmas gifts in malls and large stores. By giving them an original and healthy alternative, part of that budget will end up in your store.
  • Stand out from your competitors. Most merchants see tea as an everyday product, ignoring its possibilities as a gift item. For Christmas, they focus more on selling accessories such as teapots or mugs. Offering packs presented in the form of baskets of tea and infusions will distinguish you from other stores.

How to make the ideal tea assortment box

Christmas tea gift

We will explain the secrets to make your tea assortment box a real success:

  • Theme your gift baskets. Prepare different kinds of tea gift boxes taking into account the possible tastes of the recipients: Baskets of black tea, baskets of tea with all tea families, baskets of herbal teas and Rooibos (for those who cannot drink caffeine)… baskets with teas with names of your city… 
  • Baskets with Christmas teas will sell easily. Prepare also some of them with rarities and more selected teas for your most gourmets clients.
  • More bags than quantity. Customers will take more into account the number of different teas and infusions in the gift basket than the total amount in grams. It is preferable to have 10 bags of 30 grams than 3 bags of 100 grams.
  • Creative packaging. For larger batches, use wicker baskets or wooden trays, wrapped in decorative cellophane. You can also use decorated cardboard boxes. Finally, add a bow and a card that your client can personalize.
  • Accessories and complements. In addition to teas and infusions, you can add accessories and complements such as measuring spoons, paper or metal filters, pasta… this can increase the attractiveness of your basket.

Tips to sell as many tea baskets as possible this Christmas season

Tea baskets sale

Now that you know how to make a tea gift set that your customers will love, you just have to know how to make as many customers as possible fall in love with your shop!

Prepare your tea gift boxes for every budget

You can create baskets of €25, €50 and €100. This way you can always offer an alternative to those who are more budget-limited.

Be prepared before opening your store, so that they don’t take up your time attending your clients. This will allow you to serve more customers so that they do not have to wait too long and may even buy them impulsively.

Promote them in advance

Starting in November, inform your customers that you will have a wide assortment for their Christmas gifts.

By the beginning of December, display them in the most visible place in your store, in the window and on the counter.

Create a raffle for a tea gift basket with all purchases made in your store over a certain amount. This will make them take home a participation where you can include a message “This year I am giving away a basket of tea from THE NAME OF YOUR STORE.”

Create posts on your social networks from the first minute and position yourself as the best option to give something original, healthy, and love to your loved ones.

All of this will make your customers visualize themselves buying a basket… and if visualized, will be fulfilled more easily!


Creating tea gift baskets is a perfect way to satisfy your customer’s needs and increase sales during this time of the year.

Create selections for all tastes and budgets, taking maximum care of the packaging. Promote them among your customers in the store and on social networks well in advance and feel proud to spread happiness in the form of a tea basket!

On the other hand, serving customers takes time in a shop. Not everybody has the patience to wait 10 minutes to be served!

For these situations, an online tea store is the solution. 

Customers can place their orders and decide to be delivered at home or to pick up in a store. In the end, they will spend less time in the shop.


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