How to Choose the Perfect Tea Supplier

Finding the Ideal Partner for Your Tea Business. A Guide to Selecting Tea Suppliers for Your Brand.
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Starting a tea business involves making decisions that will directly impact its success, and choosing the perfect tea supplier is one of those critical choices.

A tea supplier is essential for ensuring product quality, and aligning your brand with sustainability values and ethical practices that resonate with your customers.
It’s about establishing a long-term partnership that shares your vision and passion for tea, supports your goals, and is committed to growing with you.

The choice and relationship with your supplier will be the foundation upon which you build the experience you will offer your customers. That’s why we’ve prepared this guide to help you choose the perfect supplier for your tea business.


Knowledge and Passion for Tea

The first step in choosing the right supplier is to look for those who not only sell tea but also share a deep passion and knowledge about it.

The world of tea is quite complex in terms of culture and knowledge. Having tea experts on the other end of the phone or email guarantees the best possible answers to your customers’ questions. This is particularly helpful in the early stages of your business.

This direct connection with deep tea knowledge not only enriches the buying experience but also elevates the credibility and authority of your brand.

Research the origin of the teas your supplier offers. The best suppliers work directly with plantations and producers, ensuring authenticity and quality from the source.

Quality, Quantity, and Price

competitive quality price

Perhaps, the following are the three most valued factors by tea entrepreneurs.

Usually, everyone focuses on what is the least important factor: price. Many new entrepreneurs prioritise finding a supplier with the best price without considering quality, making their first mistake.

There are many grades of tea quality. Higher quality teas are produced with better practices, offer a better tasting experience, and are more sought after by knowledgeable consumers. Naturally, this translates into a higher price.

On the other end, you find lower-quality teas. Their price is usually lower, but once someone buys them from your store, they rarely return based on the fact they are cheap.

Competitive prices: The ideal supplier offers competitive prices without compromising quality. This allows you to maintain healthy margins and stay competitive in the market.

Look for suppliers who offer unique teas or rarities in their catalogue. The exclusivity of products can be a great differentiator for your business, allowing you to meet the demands of the most discerning palates.

Quantity: Quality over quantity is preferable. However, if a supplier offers more variety than others, it helps you select an original assortment that stands out from your competitors.

Lastly, regarding quality, ensure that your supplier can provide maximum freshness. Ensure your supplier guarantees their products’ freshness from harvest to delivery.

In the case of blends, we recommend buying from suppliers who blend daily. This ensures your customer notices the freshness in every sip, and the best-before date is longer.

Finally, we recommend requesting free samples from all your candidates. Once you have them, organise a tasting and evaluate them in terms of:

  • Visual appearance
  • Aroma
  • Freshness
  • Flavour
  • Quality/price ratio

Sustainability, Ethical Practices, and Certifications

In a world that is increasingly aware of sustainability, it is crucial to choose suppliers who adopt ethical and sustainable practices.

Look for suppliers with recognised certifications such as Ethical Tea Partnership, Organic Certification, and Rainforest Alliance, among others. These not only ensure sustainable practices but also resonate with conscious customers.

All certifications your supplier holds are an added value to your product. They often even open doors to selling to certain customers.

The social impact of your suppliers also plays an important role. Those who contribute positively to local tea-producing communities provide you with a sales argument you can share with your customers.

Quality department: Food businesses are often subject to health inspections. Ensure your supplier has a quality department that will support you in providing everything that is required by the health authorities. This will save you many headaches!

Each Business is Different: Embrace Flexibility

flexible tea supplier

Every business has its own needs throughout its life. That’s why you should value your supplier’s flexibility to adapt.

In a dynamic environment such as the tea market, working with suppliers who can adapt and respond quickly to changes is crucial.

Choose suppliers who are aware of emerging trends and can offer you innovative products that capture your customers’ interest.

Make sure your supplier can adjust order volumes and delivery times according to your business needs, allowing you to maintain a steady flow without excess or shortage.

A supplier who can create custom blends and packages in specific formats can help you meet any customer's demand.

Customer Service and Transparency

Post-purchase service is one of the most important aspects to consider. A supplier should accompany you from the moment you place the order until it arrives at your business. And be ready to resolve any issues quickly.

Ask your supplier about all the contact methods and customer service hours, as well as the return policy and incident resolution procedures.

Conclusion: The Final Decision

Choosing the perfect tea supplier is a complex task that involves considering multiple factors, from product quality and sustainable practices to the ability to adapt and support the growth of your business.

By making a wise decision, you not only ensure the excellence of your tea offering but also lay the foundation for a strong brand and a lasting relationship with your customers.

Remember: Your supplier choice reflects your values and aspirations as a business; choose wisely to build the future you want for your tea brand.


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