7 reasons why I should sell organic tea in my shop

Discover the potential of organic tea for your store. We give you compelling arguments to start selling it in your store.
sell organic tea

If you have a tea shop or are thinking about opening one, you should have in mind to sell organic tea or at least consider the possibility. As you know, more and more consumers are looking for healthier and more sustainable options. In the tea world, the easiest way to satisfy this demand is by selling organic tea. 

Our post will introduce you to 7 reasons why you should become an organic tea company. Healthy lifestyles, environmentally friendly consumption or differentiation from competition are some of the reasons why organic tea can be a valuable option for your business.


1. Organic tea and the health connection

Over the last 20 years, there has been a significant increase in health awareness and a focus on a high-quality lifestyle.  As a result, a growing number of consumers are seeking out natural products and solutions available on the market. For tea consumers, organic tea is an option because it is produced without using pesticides and chemicals. However, we must clarify that pesticides present in the food we eat are normally in minimum amounts and harmless. According to the WHO regarding non-organic products (a.k.a. ”conventional”), consumers are exposed to low levels of risk with farmers bearing most of the effects from pesticides used in fields. In any case, organic tea is produced using natural and sustainable cultivation methods, which preserves its nutrient content.  By offering organic tea in your shop, you can address the rightful expectations of a growing part of the population for qualitative and mindful consumption.

2. Why organic tea is much more than a trend

Organic tea has been gaining popularity around the world in recent years. It’s more than just a temporary trend. Just take a look at the increase in searches for “Organic tea” Worldwide from 2004 to the present day in Google Trends.
Google search trend for Organic Tea

This trend is driven by a growing consumer demand for healthier and more sustainable food choices, as well as an increased awareness of the negative impacts of conventional production methods on the environment.

If you sell organic tea in your shop you will be more in line with what the market is demanding, and you will convey the image of a more up-to-date shop that offers relevant products to its customers base.

3. You will attract all kinds of customers

A shop that only sells conventional tea will not be able to satisfy the demand of a large part of the population. 

In our experience, it is clear that a successful tea shop must nowadays have a balanced selection of conventional and organic products

This dual approach is critical to cover the daily needs of all customers. It will also allow you to retain more easily your customer base, hence accelerating your growth.

Organic tea will suit almost all types of customers, conventional will not.

Just as it is impossible to imagine a shop without green tea, it is impossible to imagine a shop without organic tea. 

We can tell you that there won’t be a day without a sale of organic tea!

4. Organic is more environmentally friendly

Benefits of organic tea

Selling a tea with the organic certificate guarantees that it comes from organic farming. This type of agriculture is carried out without the use of chemical products that are toxic to the environment. 

Organic farming helps to preserve biodiversity by being respectful of the land, the water, the local flora and the fauna. 

This is a strong buying motivation for organic consumers, as there is much less guilt associated with enjoying this type of product.

5. Benefits of organic tea: Natural taste, naturally

Did you know that organic teas retain all their natural flavor and aroma? 

This is because they respect the growth cycles that the Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant) needs to fill your cup of tea with nutrients and taste. 

Sometimes conventional products are genetically modified with the intention of improving their appearance, aroma, or taste. It can even be done to cut costs by making the plant give higher production yields. This “laboratory step” means that the natural taste disappears or is at least modified.

There is a wide range of natural aromas in a tea leaf (e.g. chocolate, spice, floral, fruit) that are more easily preserved in an organic tea.

6. Organic teas have a better margin

Organic tea company

All businesses need to apply a profit margin on the products they sell. Doing so is paramount for the development of a sustainable economic activity. 

Organic tea is much more expensive to produce than conventional tea. This will impact the price at which you can buy it from your supplier. But here is the thing: in a tea shop, you can apply the same margin rate on organic products as conventional ones. This means that your profit margin will also be higher being an organic tea company.

You should not discredit the product by lowering your margin to match the price of conventional tea. Don’t be afraid to sell it at a higher price!

Organic tea is synonymous with quality, values, and respect for the environment, and this allows for an overall higher pricing.

7. Sell ORGANIC to differentiate yourself from your competitors

All professionals have competition, and tea makes no exception. Both online and offline coexist shops selling tea and herbal teas.

Even nowadays, most tea shops opt for the easiest and cheapest solution: conventional tea. If you go for organic tea you will offer the same as your competitors but with an added value. 

While tea shops that exclusively sell conventional teas can only satisfy a percentage of tea lovers, you will be able to satisfy 100% . Find opportunities where others only put obstacles.  

"Of course, I have Earl Grey, as well as being delicious it is organic, so I would like to inform you that you are helping to care for the planet with your purchase. Remember that when you want to do it again, this is the shop to come to."


From the benefits of organic tea and caring for the environment, to the potential to attract new customers and differentiate yourself from your competitors, selling organic tea in your store will be an excellent option to bring added value to your business.


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Editorial team formed by tea professionals from different countries. We are driven by our passion for tea and the dissemination of its culture.

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