International Tea Day

How this ancient beverage promotes unity, sustainable development, and global prosperity.
International Tea Day

May 21st marks the International Tea Day. It’s an occasion to reflect on tea’s cultural, economic, and social impact worldwide.

For tea shops and relayed businesses, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with their community and celebrate their love for this popular beverage.

In this post, we’ll explain its importance and how your tea business can make the most of the celebration of this day.


History and Significance of International Tea Day

International Tea Day began to be celebrated worldwide in 2005. Initially, the date for this special day was December 15th.

Following the 23rd forum of the Intergovernmental Group on Tea in 2018, a date change was proposed. The main reason was that the initial date wasn’t a special moment for tea. Instead, a spring date was chosen, when highly sought-after first harvests occur.

Thus, the United Nations General Assembly established International Tea Day with a dual purpose:

  • First, to recognize tea as the world’s most popular beverage after water.
  • Second, it highlights its role in promoting employment, sustainable development, and fighting hunger, especially in developing countries.

Tea is much more than a beverage. It has been a protagonist in the history of many countries, becoming a symbol of their culture. Examples include the War of Independence, the Boston Tea Party, and its ceremonial use in Japan.

An opportunity to communicate to your audience the social and economic impact of tea


As an integral part of the tea industry, May 21st is a significant date to promote tea´s social and economic impact.

Tea plays a crucial role in the economy of many countries, being an important source of income and employment. We encourage you to recognize and support practices that ensure sustainability and equity in the tea industry, especially this day.

Create posts on your social networks, website, or online store about the importance of sustainability in tea production. You can also include water conservation topics, biodiversity protection, and proper soil management.

Highlight how your tea business contributes to the well-being of tea-producing communities. This can be done through ethical suppliers or community development projects.

Initiatives and certifications such as Rainforest Alliance, Fairtrade, or Ethical Tea Partnership are important for a more sustainable future.

Tips for celebrating International Tea Day in your business

tea day events

May 21st offers an excellent opportunity for tea shops and businesses worldwide. It’s the ideal date to create promotions and showcase the culture of love for tea.

We’ll suggest some activities to help you sell more and reach new customers.

Organize events and tastings

Organize events in your store where customers can try different types of tea and learn about their origins, preparation methods, and health benefits.

These events can include workshops, tastings, talks, and tea ceremonies, offering an educational and gustative experience.

Create special offers for this day

Offer special promotions for tea day. Promote them in your store, on social networks, or online store (if you have one).

These can consist of discounts on selected teas, gift packs with teas from countries where it is vital for economic development (Africa and Asia), or giving away gifts with each purchase.

Launch an awareness campaign

Use this opportunity to educate your customers about sustainable and ethical aspects of tea cultivation and trade.

You can promote organic, fair trade, or natural teas. Highlight how their purchase contributes to a positive impact on tea-producing communities.

Local collaborations

This activity can help you attract new customers. It consists of creating cross-promotions or shared promotions with other local establishments.

For example, you can agree that during that day, a bookstore will distribute tea samples labeled with your brand with each book it sells. You can also have free tea served in coworking associations or neighborhood associations.

Conclusion: Bringing the world together through tea

International Tea Day is more than a celebration of our favorite beverage; it’s an opportunity to reflect on the role that tea plays in connecting cultures, improving sustainability, and supporting economic development.

For tea businesses, it’s the perfect time to restate their commitment to these causes, educate their customers, and celebrate the diversity and richness that tea brings to our lives.

Let’s take advantage of this day to get closer to our community, promote ethical practices, and, of course, enjoy a good cup of tea.


Alveus Blog Team

Editorial team formed by tea professionals from different countries. We are driven by our passion for tea and the dissemination of its culture.

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