Ways to Improve Your Tea Packaging

Discover How to Improve Your Tea Packaging to Attract More Customers. Functionality and Design Strategies for Tea Brands.
Tea packaging

Love at first sight exists, and in the case of tea, the initial encounter sometimes happens through the packaging.

One of the challenges tea brand owners encounter is effectively conveying their message through their packaging. It is not only used to protect and preserve the tea but also plays a vital role in enticing and retaining customers.

Thoughtfully designed packaging enhances the appeal of your brand and distinguishes it in a crowded market.

This post is aimed at tea brands and stores, both online and physical, looking for ways to improve their tea packaging. We share with you some strategies to transform your products into coveted items.


The text on your label must be legible

The label of your product should be entirely readable. It seems obvious, but it’s not always the case.

The product name, ingredients, preparation instructions, as well as any important information for consumption, should be perfectly understandable.

That’s why we recommend using the appropriate typography, which includes color, size, and line spacing that are optimal for easy reading.

Consistent with Your Brand

Natürliche Teetüte

The design of your packaging should be consistent with your brand. 

In terms of graphic design, this means adhering to your brand’s style guide: fonts, colors, label structure…

Regarding packaging, you must adhere to your brand’s policy and message. For example, if you advocate for organic tea and sustainability, you cannot use plastic bags to package the tea.

This is a frequent mistake observed in emerging brands. They often lack uniformity, resulting in mixed messaging across colors, font styles, image presentation, etc.

We are the first ones to advocate for some “creativity.” Taking liberties allows you to try out new ideas, but you should be careful when the result is too far from what your brand originally intended to represent.

Stand Out or Perish

As we mentioned earlier, consumers are saturated with commercial offers. For the “latecomers” or less established on the market, there is only one path to success: differentiation.

Imagine your product displayed on supermarket shelves: your tea brand is surrounded by several competitors. How can you make it stand out among all of them and catch the eye of a tea-seeking buyer?

Rational thinking can limit the possibilities. However, we’ve witnessed certain brands achieve originality and rapid recognition. With numerous packaging options available, unleash your imagination and explore new ways for innovation!

Unboxing Experience

Unboxing has become an important part of the customer experience, especially in e-commerce.

Always design your packaging with the opening process and the impression it will leave in mind.

For brands that ship online, details like personalized messages or free samples can turn unboxing into a memorable experience.

Functionality and Reusability

Packaging should be functional, simple to open and seal, and capable of preserving the tea’s freshness over time.

A good idea might be to design reusable containers that customers can use for other purposes once the tea is consumed. This not only promotes sustainability but also keeps your brand present in the consumer’s daily life.

When choosing your brand's packaging, consider how it will "behave" in the hands of the buyer. Choose containers that will last in time, and are easy to open and close. Nothing is more frustrating than packaging that cannot be securely closed again, preventing the product from being well preserved.

Introducing innovation in the closure adds a unique touch to your packaging. Magnetic closures, wax seals, or personalized ribbons can elevate the perceived value and premium quality of your product.

Symbols and the Power of Logos

logotipos packaging

Imagine a customer holding your product in his hands. At this very moment, you only have a few seconds to convince him that the product will meet his needs.

How can you convey your message quickly? Through strong visual impact signals. In such a short time frame, the message must be clear for a buyer. They have to be direct and easy to understand.

For this, icons and logos can facilitate the task. They are “shortcuts” that deliver a message quickly. And they will work as long as:

  1. They are well-known logos or icons(like the BIO logo).
  2. They are super easy to understand (like our Handmade with Love).
One way to invest in brand value is by obtaining certifications. Examples may include organic certification or the Ethical Tea Partnership seal. Adding their logos to your packaging will demonstrate commitment and professionalism compared to the rest of your competitors.

Don't Forget Legal Requirements

We have seen true works of art in terms of design, but they would not pass any health or consumer inspection.

What to include or not has a lot to do with the regulations of each country. That’s why we advise you to consult with a specialized consultant company in your city.

In general, you should include ingredients, allergens, best-before date, batch number, net weight, or data from the packaging company.


Improving your tea packaging will help attract and retain customers, differentiate yourself from the competition, and add value to your brand.

By focusing on sustainability, design, functionality, and customer experience, you can transform your bulk tea packaging into a powerful marketing and sales tool.

Remember: in the world of tea, and in life itself, the external image can be the reason why sometimes you don’t want to discover the content behind it.


Alveus Blog Team

Editorial team formed by tea professionals from different countries. We are driven by our passion for tea and the dissemination of its culture.

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