How to Increase Summer Sales in Your Tea Business

Reinventing Tea Sales in Summer: Refreshing Strategies to Attract Customers and Increase Revenue.
selling tea in summer

If we asked you in which season tea sells the most, you’d probably mention winter, citing the cold weather as the reason. Consequently, you might assume that the opposite scenario, with the summer heat, results in lower sales.

Let us tell you that this is not entirely true. Many businesses maintain steady sales throughout the year because they adapt to each season, to ensure their sales remain consistent.

It begins by understanding seasonal preferences, adapting your business’s assortment accordingly, and implementing the strategies outlined in this post.


Capturing Seasonal Tea Preferences

Summer tea consumption

The key to boosting tea sales in summer starts with understanding how consumer preferences change each season.

During winter, spiced teas with sweet flavors, often enjoyed with milk, tend to be the best sellers.

In contrast, summer sees a shift in demand towards refreshing, cold teas with fruity or floral flavors.

Being aware of this shift in consumer behavior and being prepared to satisfy the needs at the right time will ensure that your business is ready for a successful summer campaign.

True tea enthusiasts don't stop enjoying tea in summer. They'll savor their favorite brew at any time of the year. That's why we recommend building loyalty bonds with this type of customer when they visit your tea shop.

It all begins by ensuring your selection of cold teas is prepared well ahead of time, ideally in spring. Acting promptly increases your chances of success, so don´t postpone this until the start of summer. (Explore our post for insights on developing your array of iced teas.)

Additionally, make sure that your assortment includes the following types of teas:

  • Fruit Teas: Flavors like peach, raspberry, lemon, and mango are popular in summer.
  • Herbal and Floral Teas: These offer a refreshing experience and may provide health benefits such as relaxation and hydration.
  • Green and White Teas: Known for their antioxidant properties, these have a milder flavor that may be more appealing in warm climates.

Strategies for Selling Tea in Summer

Once you’ve tailored your product offerings to meet this new demand, it’s time to start!

Drawing from our experience with clients who excel in summer tea sales, here are some interesting steps to implement in your business.

Enhance Your Assortment of Iced Tea Accessories

When we talk about optimizing your selection, it’s not just about tea; accessories play a vital role too.

Introduce special pitchers and infusers for iced tea. Also, consider adding insulated bottles for on-the-go consumption, ensuring the tea stays refreshingly cool throughout the day.

Educational Events and Tastings

cold tea workshop

Tea is an excellent alternative to sugary, carbonated drinks. While it’s true that they now come in light or zero-sugar versions, they can never compare to the health benefits of enjoying a cold tea.

That’s why we encourage you to host workshops promoting the health benefits of tea, especially focusing on preparing cold teas. Additionally, create educational content on your social media channels, including video tutorials and blog posts.

Investing in customer’s education will increase their appreciation and willingness to try new products.

Furthermore, organize free weekly tastings and offer special discounts afterward. It’s the best way to get your customers to fall in love with one or all of your teas.

Iced Tea of the Day

Many stores offer a different tea on a daily basis for customers to sample for free, often with promotional pricing. This method is perfect for introducing customers to the refreshing taste of cold tea.

As the last weeks of spring arrive, start featuring a cold tea to sample as the Tea of the Day every three days. Then, increase the frequency to every two days, culminating in summer by offering a daily iced tea.

We assure you, it will quench your customers’ thirst so effectively that they won’t be able to resist buying it!

Takeaway Service

This idea will be highly effective if your store is in a high-traffic area. Offer iced tea in recyclable cardboard cups for takeaway.

We recommend having a chalkboard with 5 or 6 options, including caffeine-free infusions. This way, it will be easier for you to have them prepared.

You can screen-print the cups with a message inviting customers to visit your online tea shop, including a discount code!

Iced Tea Preparation Kits

Create packs that include everything needed to prepare iced tea at home. You can add infusers, ice cube trays, and a selection of 30 grams of special teas for cold brewing.

Accompany them with a small guide on how to prepare iced tea. Then, all you have to do is give them an original and enticing presentation, display them visibly in your store, and sell them daily!

Optimize Your Online Store

If you sell online, ensure that your special teas for cold consumption are visibly featured. We recommend showcasing them in a slider, banner, or pop-up.

Highlight these products on your homepage and communicate them through newsletters to your customer base.

Offer special shipping promotions as well as free samples with each order to boost online sales.


Selling tea in summer is just as achievable as it is in winter – we guarantee it! You just need to adapt to the seasonal change and adjust your strategies.

Remember, it all starts with adapting your offerings with enough time ahead to educate your customers.

With effort, enthusiasm, and a good selection, you’ll sell more this summer in your tea business!


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