How to prepare matcha tea without a whisk

Don´t you have a bamboo whisk? Or maybe do you think that is too much time needed for preparing a tea? Well, this is not an excuse anymore for enjoying the benefits of Matcha tea.
Preparar té matcha sin batidor

Is it possible to prepare matcha tea without a whisk? Of course, and here we tell you how.

For many tea lovers, talking about drinking Matcha can be “intimidating”. The image of the classic ritual, with special movements of a bamboo whisk (chasen) in a Japanese bowl (chawan), is in their heads.

Here is the truth: although this is the traditional way, it is not the only way to enjoy the benefits of matcha tea.

This post will guide you through creative and accessible alternatives. You won’t have to rely on having a whisk or whisk manually; and above all, you’ll get an excellent result in no time at all. Let’s get started!

Prepare matcha tea using an electric/hand blender

Matcha tea with kitchen blender

This is perhaps the most practical and quickest way to enjoy a perfect matcha tea. You are going to do the same as in the traditional way but with mechanical help.

To do so, simply add water at the desired temperature to your blender glass, add a proportional amount of matcha, and blend it with your electric mixer. As an advantage, making matcha this way it is not necessary to sieve it. It will dissolve perfectly.

This system is ideal for blending Matcha directly into all kinds of drinks: fruit juices, milk, or vegetable drinks. It also works if you want to prepare matcha tea without a whisk and for a group of people.

Prepare matcha tea using a frothing whisk

matcha tea with frothing whisk

A mini whisk, or frothing whisk, is the best way to prepare a single cup of matcha tea. In this case, we advise you to sieve the Matcha tea beforehand using a strainer.

Step by Step

  1. Half-fill your cup with your favorite beverage.
  2. Sieve the required amount of Matcha for the whole cup.
  3. Whisk with the frothing whisk until well dissolved. Help yourself by tilting the cup and turning the whisk.
  4. Add more drink up to the top while whisking at the same time.
  5. Use the frother again to get a froth on the surface.

Prepare matcha tea with a bottle

Matcha Tea in a Bottle

You can make Matcha from a bottle or any kind of jar. Fill a bottle halfway with water, add the appropriate amount of sieved Matcha (depending on the amount of water), close the bottle, and shake vigorously.

The tricky part is to pour the Matcha into the bottle without spilling it. You can use a funnel to sieve the tea through. Then use the same strainer to pour into a glass. If you want to prepare Matcha to go, strain it directly into a jar or bottle.

Prepare matcha tea in paper filters

matcha infused tea

Here’s a different way to prepare Matcha tea without a whisk! How? With the simple help of a paper filter.

To do this, heat the water to a maximum of 80°C, put a spoonful of Matcha tea in the filter, and place it in your favorite cup. Let it infuse for the desired time (2 minutes minimum), remove the filter by squeezing it with your spoon, and enjoy!

This way, which could be described as an infusion, is the only mode in which you don’t drink matcha as such, but it produces a surprising result. After 5 minutes, the infusion becomes more full-bodied, and if the Matcha is of good quality, the taste will be delicious and not astringent at all.


Just because you don’t have the brush or bamboo whisk, the time, or the know-how to make Matcha traditionally, that’s no excuse to exclude it from your daily diet.

Apart from using a good quality Matcha and the right amount of product, the most important thing is that it dissolves well. Imagination, patience, and practice are what you need to fall in love with your favorite way of brewing.

What other ways would you recommend to prepare matcha without a whisk?


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