New tea trends for 2024

Discover the keys to a successful 2024 for your tea business. Get to know the essential trends to carefully plan for the coming year.
tea trends 2024

Are you curious about the tea market trends for 2024?

Thanks to an in-depth study conducted by our marketing department, supported by industry professionals, and enriched with valuable feedback from thousands of customers across Europe, we dare to unveil what the tea industry during this upcoming year.

Get ready to stand out among your competitors; take notes and ensure, bountiful success in your tea business throughout 2024.


Stronger sustainable awareness: A surge in the consumption of organic teas

The quest for healthier and eco-friendly options is driving a significant shift in consumer preferences. This is not merely a choice; it’s a declaration of values—a recognition that each sip can have a positive impact on both personal well-being and the planet.

The good news for the entire industry is that tea consumption continues to soar relentlessly, specially of organic tea. Green consciousness is gaining popularity among consumers, and in response to this growing demand, more shops are joining in to offer organic teas.

Expect the already popular FTNF (Flavoring Ingredients That Are Not Flavors) aromas, commonly used in organic blends, are expected to continue evolving, delivering intense and natural taste.

A new way to enjoy functional teas

The consumption of functional teas will continue to rise, as it has in the past year. However, in the coming year, consumers will demand more than just a tea for a specific purpose.

End consumers are seeking a top-notch sensory experience, consisting of ingenious recipes, premium ingredients, and, above all, the organic seal. Functional, but with style!

New Ingredients for Wellness


Another noteworthy addition to blends is the incorporation of new ingredients known for their excellent health benefits. One of these is buckwheat, highly popular in Japan. Buckwheat not only adds wellness to your tea cup but also imparts a unique and exquisite toasted flavor.

Another ingredient that will become more popular in the blends of stores across Europe are hemp seeds.

Opportunities in the Tea Market for 2024

kombucha drink

The kombucha sector experienced a remarkable increase in the last year, and in the upcoming one, with numerous startups striving to consolidate. Amidst the growing competition, many will stand out by emphasizing quality, opting to use organic and premium teas as the base for their production.

It is also worth highlighting, the significant growth in the variety of teas and herbal teas on the shelves of supermarkets and large retail stores.

This phenomenon not only signals a rise in tea consumption, but also facilitating the entry of new tea enthusiasts. Did you know that tea lovers often prefer loose leaves to tea bags? This year your business could be the gateway for them to discover this captivating experience!

Lastly, we anticipate that next year we will witness the rise of omnichannel strategies. Numerous businesses will not only establish their own tea e-commerce platforms but will additionally expand their presence through other sales platforms, such as Amazon, and even on social media like Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp.


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